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Hello Myth Weavers

Hello Myth Weavers

Hi everyone,

I'm a longtime DM, GM and player for DnD 2e, 5e, FATE and a smattering of experience in others. I've mostly played offline, but in the past year I tried my hand at running a couple of short adventures in roll20, but I have yet to ever try PBP, and this resource comes recommended by some trusted screen names on reddit, so here I am.
I look forward to learning the ropes of PBP and I hope to make a worthy contribution.


Welcome @amorphousadam!

So, you want to get into BP? There are some things you should know. PBP is different from Tabletop in several ways. The biggest way is that the players and GM don't all sit down at the same time for a set amount of time to play. Players log in when they have time to post. It works well for those insanely busy people, or people who can't dedicate 4-5 hours in one stretch to play. The downside of this is games take A LONG time, and move slowly. You may want to review the New to Play by Post section, to see how we do PbP. You may also want to review out Site Rules.

How things work here, is GMs will post an advertisement fot the game they want to run in the Games and Ads section. Interested players will then apply. There are usually some guidelines for creating your character, what sourcebooks you can use, any house rules you should be aware of. Pay attention to them. Popular games like D&D 3.5 and 5E, and Pathfinder can get a lot of applicants, and one way GMs will weed through applications is to look for missing information, or incomplete characters. So read the character creation guidelines carefully. Also, check what characters others are applying with. If everyone is making fighting and sneaking type characters, you may be better off playing a spellcaster.

Some information on the site, check out this information on bbCode Help, and this one on Die Roller Help. Another great way to meet people and possibly get game is on our MW Official Discord.

You may want to start off as a player to start with, just to get an understanding of how things work here. It is very easy to get into several games, and then have all of them accelerate their post rates to a point you cannot keep up. It is best to start slow.

There are some 2e games going on around here, and FATE\FUDGE/FAE pop up from time to time. You may want to check in at the Players of Older D&D and Clones forum.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Most of all, HAVE FUN!

Thank you @TatteredKing for the welcome and the links! I look forward to getting involved as a player and have applied to a game that looks suitable. Looking forward to it for sure!


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