Much free time. Just found this place. How does it work? - Myth-Weavers


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Much free time. Just found this place. How does it work?

Much free time. Just found this place. How does it work?

I hope I have lodged my first application correctly.
My question now is :
I have created a login
But how do I create an associated character name to post as ?

Yes I have made my first character sheet here
but its not the same name as my login name.

Is there a fix or solution to my new endeavour ?


@Ennui Malaise!

Welcome to Myth-Weavers a forum-based Play-by-Post Role-Playing Game website and community!

We are a diverse group that run the gammut of personally and taste and everything in between!

We don't have most one game here, but many. We encourage all kinds of GMs with their favorite systems and styles, so long as it is kept within PG-13 guidelines.

We are good to have you here!

First of all, check out THIS POST by our Great Leader Rodrigo! (He was the push to start this site)

There is some useful information there!

Next, technical stuff to do with our specific site:

About bbCode!
About the DiceRoller!
About our awesome Discord Server!

Greetings @Ennui Malaise!

So, you want to get into PBP? There are some things you should know. PBP is different from Tabletop in several ways. The biggest way is that the players and GM don't all sit down at the same time for a set amount of time to play. Players log in when they have time to post. It works well for those insanely busy people, or people who can't dedicate 4-5 hours in one stretch to play. It is also GREAT for creative writing, as you can take some time to describe your activities. The downside of this is games take A LONG time, and move slowly. You may want to review the New to Play by Post section, to see how we do PbP. You may also want to review out Site Rules.

Why is your logon not the same as your character? Because you could be conceivably playing several different characters in several different games. The way you get around this is different for every GM. Some GM's will ask you to post in a specific format, with, at very least, the Name of the character you are playing in that game. Check out one from a game I play in.

How things work here, is GMs will post an advertisement fot the game they want to run in the Games and Ads section. Interested players will then apply. There are usually some guidelines for creating your character, what sourcebooks you can use, any house rules you should be aware of. Pay attention to them. Popular games like D&D 3.5 and 5E, and Pathfinder can get a lot of applicants, and one way GMs will weed through applications is to look for missing information, or incomplete characters. So read the character creation guidelines carefully. Also, check what characters others are applying with. If everyone is making fighting and sneaking type characters, you may be better off playing a spellcaster.

Some information on the site, check out this information on bbCode Help, and this one on Die Roller Help. Another great way to meet people and possibly get game is on our MW Official Discord.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Most of all, HAVE FUN!

Thanks Amy & TatteredKing.

I didn't notice an apply here link in the one game I looked at. Is it something I should look for or be aware of ?

I guess it will come in time with experience. I played by Forum about 15 years ago when life was less busy.
Its less busy again now so I just need to learn to navigate a new website and establish some cred to be picked from the crowd.

20 years ago started tabletop 3.5e now just started tabletop 5e.

One character sheet built. in MW site.
Are there examples of how an application should look. And possibly directions where to appropriately post one.

Is there a tutorial on how to apply and what successful resumes look like. :P

Is there a way to post as your character and not as your login ID? Or you you create a new login name for each character ?

So, every GM and every game ad will have different instructions. Some GMs have a preferred template and will list that in the advertisement or game forum, and some GMs will just ask for the crunch and leave the style of the app up to you. If you're not sure, ask, or have a look at other applications already in for that game to get an idea of what to include.

Your only supposed to have one log in, so don't create additional accounts. When you start looking at games, you'll see that player IDs rarely if ever match the character. We're all used to that-- you'll have ways of distinguishing your character with pictures, fieldsets, or other means (sometimes just by using the character name) in the IN GAME sections of each individual game.

OK, Thanks Chase.
I think the GM's advert I was looking at must be new.
I found all that you mentioned, clearer in other adverts.

Day one at school and you really need your hand held to get a running start.
I might just lurk a while until I feel accustomed.
Then I will seek out an unpopular advert needing a player.
Rather than being a new small fish in the feeding frenzied pond.

Reminds me of apply for a job without referees.

As Chase mentioned, every GM does it different. Some GM's will ask you to reply to the Ad with your character concept. Other games you need to Navigate to the Game Forum, and there will be an applications folder. Most GMs will have a pretty good Application Process your application should look, what resources you are allowed to use, and what to include in your application. Read this carefully. For popular game systems, like 5E, it is not uncommon to get 10-20 applications for a 6 player game. GMs will use the written requirements as a checklist to see who has read and followed the instructions, and often use this as an easy way to get 20 applications down to 10.

"Where is this Game Forum you speak of?" - look at an ad. Lets take Lost Lands, The Northlands Saga. This is the geography of an ad...
  • Brown Bar at the top with the Game Title
  • Brown Bar with date and time of post
  • The game title again, followed by the word FORUM.
  • The name of the game system
  • The body of the ad.

1) Read the entire this case, the details for the game (books you can use, alignment requirements, starting equipment and money, ability scores, hit points, backgrounds, ...and an outline on how your application should look. (Not all GMs will give you this much information.) For this particular game....this is how your application should look.

So, back to the top of the ad, right below the brown date the FORUM hyperlink. Welcome to the Game Forum.
Once there, there are a couple things you need to pay attention to.
  • In the center frame, ther eis a post named APPLICATION QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
  • on the left, you will see a series of is labeled Applications.

There is no way to post with your user name = character name. This forum is intended for one user to play several different characters. DO NOT make different accounts for different characters. If the mods get wind you are doing that, they will boot all of you. If you check out my Example post above, it is a way you can post as your character, but still from your one, single account.

What a successful application looks like? You followed the GM guidance for applying. But, that still will not get you a spot. If 20 people apply with perfect applications, and the game is intended for 6 players, 14 people are going to get booted. One thing you can do is look at the other characters there something lacking? are there no clerics and a bunch of fighters and rogues? Are there no arcane spell users? Fill the gap. That said, one could write a thesis on how to get accepted into a PBP game...

That said, lets talk about what happens when you get rejected from a game you really want to be in. 1) Thank the GM for his consideration 2) express your interest in reading along with the game, and 3) potentially being considered as a backup character if another player drops out. This is PBP. Half the characters will be gone in 3 weeks

Okay, let's get some clarity to it all of this! I'll break this down by question.

Originally Posted by Ennui Malaise View Post
I didn't notice an apply here link in the one game I looked at. Is it something I should look for or be aware of ?
So it's not quite as simple as hitting a button and filling out a form. Typically, one will post a new thread in the game's forum, create a character sheet (which it looks like you figured that bit out), and flesh out the character. We're pretty RP heavy around here, so details go a long way.

Typically, a GM will post a suggested layout along with their character creation rules. For example of the process, I'll borrow a buddy's campaign (which was designed to be newbie friendly for Pathfinder 3PP, Spheres of Power/Might): A Learning Experience. As you can see, this is the application section of the forum, and shows threads for character creation rules (which includes how to apply for the game), as well as a Q&A. The rules dictate how one might apply, in this case by making a private thread which will detail your character, usually adding the details that the GM asks for (and then some).

As a tip - many of us like to create a thread and then post a few place-holder posts to go with it, which we later edit in the details as we come up with them. These character threads are also great for asking questions that only pertain to your character in particular, be it in-world based questions, or particular mechanics that few classes touch upon.

One character sheet built. in MW site.
Are there examples of how an application should look. And possibly directions where to appropriately post one.

Is there a tutorial on how to apply and what successful resumes look like. :P
While there's very little on the way of tutorials for this (as the process varies greatly by GM and system), I can show you an example of an accepted application of mine. Downside is that the game died shortly after starting.

Hisui was a high level PF character, for a one-shot story. Therefore, she had a history already, unlike many starting characters. There was even some private text for the GM, because there were details for the GM only. You will also notice, beyond the elaborate background write-up (and yes, that's on the excessive side, depending on the game), I also wrote up a short story, which is entirely optional. Some GMs like that sorta thing, others will not read it. I typed it up out of boredom, to be honest, and got into a groove.

Is there a way to post as your character and not as your login ID? Or you you create a new login name for each character ?
Nope. We don't do that around here. Keep your one login, too. There's a few other PbP forums that does that, but not us. We like to keep things simple where we can.

Instead, like Chase and Tattered mentioned, we use Posting Formats - something you can have saved on a text file for when you post. For example, to go with what the character I linked above:

Now mind you, these are examples for Pathfinder, and some of the more experienced ends of the medium and that system (often also the more complex end of things). These are a bit on the extreme side as a result (but I used them as examples because I happen to be proud of them, and they're not set to private).

Take some time to look around and see how it goes around here. A little bit of lurking in the games goes a long way. And post in the other forums - those with a posting history have a slight advantage over those without (and this forum doesn't count towards one's post count). It helps to get friendly with people around here. If you have a presence, people will see you as less likely to flake out.

Also, finally, it never hurts to look outside of your norm system wise. Outside of D&D and Pathfinder, Myth-Weavers offers a lot of variety, ranging from the old stuff, like GURPS or Rifts, to rules-lite Fate or Dungeon World, to the super-crunchy Shadowrun. D&D and PF get a lot of attention around here, thus a boat load of applications, but these other systems do not get quite the level of attention. Those cases have less competition.

And of course, feel free to join our Discord channel. You can find games through that, as well, and make a few friends in the meantime. I've been accepted into a game or two just because of my online presence on the discord.

Good luck, and Welcome!


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