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New Old Vet

New Old Vet

Hi .. I'm George and i want to play d and d on a weekly basis via webcam in the evening on weekends! I am interested in playing 3.5 and 5.0 or even the Dresden files arpg because i am an avid fan of both d and d and the Dresden files. I own version 3.5 manual and would like to have it in front of me while i play as a reference. Im just learning this site so bare with me but i hope to get the ball rolling and meet new and interesting people and emerse myself in new worlds. So i hope this reaches out and finds you well ,thank you for your consideration.

Hi George, Welcome to Myth-Weavers. We do things a little different here. We play-by post, for the most part. PBP is different from Tabletop in several ways. The biggest way is that the players and GM don't all sit down at the same time for a set amount of time to play. Players log in when they have time to post. It works well for those insanely busy people, or people who can't dedicate 4-5 hours in one stretch to play. It is also GREAT for creative writing, as you can take some time to describe your activities. The downside of this is games take A LONG time, and move slowly. But if you like to play a tiny but each day, it may work for you. You may want to review out Site Rules.

How things work here, is GMs will post an advertisement for the game they want to run in the Games and Ads section. Interested players will then apply. There are usually some guidelines for creating your character, what sourcebooks you can use, any house rules you should be aware of. Pay attention to them. Popular games like D&D 3.5 and 5E, and Pathfinder can get a lot of applicants, and one way GMs will weed through applications is to look for missing information, or incomplete characters. So read the character creation guidelines carefully. Also, check what characters others are applying with. If everyone is making fighting and sneaking type characters, you may be better off playing a spellcaster.

Less popular game systems are often easier to get in to. There are a couple Dresden Files games currently running.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Most of all, HAVE FUN!

Indeed, we are mostly a play-by-post website. But it's also a great place to meet people, and play with people, and perhaps set-up an off-site game later! I know several groups that have done that.

Check out the 5e Adventuer's League! They have a good group going on here and it's a great way to meet other DnD players!

Lastly, though....

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