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Hi, I'm terrified!

Hi, I'm terrified!

Stumbled across this site while looking for a good online character sheet maker, yours is fabulous by the way, and decided I might as well try joining a game.

Most of my experience has been with D&D 3.5e and 5e, with 5e being my area of expertise as well as what I'm currently playing out in the real world.

This is my first time doing anything like this, mostly because I'm afraid to put myself out there.
If anyone is running a campaign for 3.5e or 5e and would be open to having a total PbP beginner join them please let me know!

Welcome to Myth-Weaver, @wiodjan !

Don't be scared - we're a pretty welcoming community here, and generally quite friendly to those who are new to the PbP medium. Your first step is to give our Games and Ads section a look over. You'll find all sorts of games recruiting there. Most games have something of a process when it comes to accepting players, so you'll want to check out their particular details.

5e and Pathfinder are some of the most popular systems here, so don't be surprised to see a lot of applicants for games in those systems (I've seen up to 40 people applying for a single game at one point). Don't lose hope, though! The best thing you can do is to follow the guidelines that the GM has posted, check out the setting information (if any), and give it your best shot.

That all said, I recommend looking outside of the d20 systems and checking out everything and anything offered. If it's something brand new to you and it looks interesting, go for it. Many of the non-D&D systems are always looking for new players.

Also, I recommend getting chatty through out the forums or even dropping by our Discord Channel. Just watch out for those welcoming harpoons - they're harmless... mostly

If you have any questions, let us know! Don't be afraid to ask, either - we do our best to help people out.


Everyone is pretty chill and people normally take a day to post each action so you have plenty of time to hunt down anything you need before you post. A few days of play will get you comfortable. A month or so and you'll be zipping right along.

If you are really nervous about how to roll dice or paste a character sheet onto a post just start your own game. set it to private and play with text and colors and the other stuff. I did that when I started and it ended up being pretty easy to figure out or copy and paste from the help page listed in the site navbar up top.

Have fun

@wiodjan, welcome! Nothing to be nervous about. We're a nice friendly bunch.

PbP is a little different than your standard tabletop game. To take a word from Yamazaki, it's asynchronous, meaning the players and GM may not all be on at the same time. Everyone gets online as they can and posts when they can. It works really good for people who are crazy busy and can't devote hours at a time to game, but can devote 10-15 minutes a day to move things forward. For this reason, it tends to be slow moving. A 'module' can take weeks or months. But another great thing is it really promotes creative writing, careful consideration of things, and gives you a chance to look up that elusive rule.

You will learn that each GM has their own feelings toward post format and post frequency.

If you don't get into a game right away, don't worry! 3.5 and 5E are 2 of the most popular games here and get a lot of applications. As Yamazaki mentioned, it is often easier to get into the non-d20 system games, and often you will find the system is awesome, and even more fitted to PBP than d20.

Discord channel is a great place to meet and talk in real time with others from here.

Please feel free to ask any questions that may arise, and most of all ,HAVE FUN

I've been a bit overwhelmed with RL, so I've fallen behind on my greetings. None the less, ....

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