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10 Years of Myth-Weavers

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the ~ 12k active users shown at the bottom of the home page is all those users that have logged in in the last 2 weeks. Not sure how you guys are doing your math given the lack of tools available or data access required to do said math.

Site Tools > Members List > Search Members drop down > Advanced Search

~12K is interesting because, if you run a filter on "last post is after" 2016-02-10 (2 weeks ago)...you get ~1800 users.

So if both of those queries are correct, it tells me you have 1,800 people posting and 10,200 who are just lurking around. ~20% of the "active users" are actually...active?

Eh, I don't think that's all that surprising, given the sheet feature. There are six people in my IRL group on MythWeavers and I'm the only one who actually plays PBP - the rest all just love the sheets.

Other fun facts: Out of that 1700, only about 130 identified as female, although 140 declined to state/other. That really surprised me, I always thought the gender divide was smaller, even if the majority of users are male.

Also 'S' is the most popular letter to start your user name with.

I actually think it's pretty neat. Mythweavers is a great community because there are so many long-term active players, but also because the site isn't so huge and overpopulated that you might as well all be anonymous. You see the same people posting all around the site and even if you're not playing in games with them, you get to know them.


I've been using this site for... probably about 4 years now and it has remained free the entire time. Thank you for hosting such an amazing website, and I can only hope the service continues so me and my friends can enjoy it.

I forgot who initially invited me to these forums many a moon ago.

*runs in circles doing the Zoidberg*

Happy Belated Inception!

On the topic of 'births', I'll admit some curiosity about the origin of Myth-Weavers. Would one of you wonderful blue-named folk grace us with the tale of our beloved site's beginnings? How did it come to be? Which one came first, the Myth or the Weavers?

Oh yes please! I would like to hear the tale as well!

Rigo was an admin over at what was dndonlinegames, and is now rpgcrossing. He had a disagreement with the owner at the time as to what direction the site should take, and so decided to start his own, initially with David. I joined a few weeks in.

The rest, as they say, is history


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