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Aha, it worked!

Hello all!

These days, I just don't have time or local friends to RPG with, so perhaps PbP is the way for me. I'm mostly interested in D&D 5ed, and have the basic three books for it. Perhaps later I'll try something different too. Anyway, guess I'll wander around and figure out how this all works around here. Hope to hear from you all later!

hey mikeweasel, welcome to the weave

D&D 5e is one of our more popular systems but basically how things are setup is that we have games that are being advertised that are looking for players, those players develop characters and apply to the games, and most of the time there's more apps then open spaces so it's up to the game DM to choose.

Greetings Oh Ye Who Is Related To Ferrets (The Worlds Only Animal That Lives to Play - Besides Humans!)

Welcome, @mikeweasel, welcome.

There's some great links I am going to throw at you, threads to read, helpful pages, all the fun stuff!
  • New to Play By Post - You may not be new, but it has good links to help you get a feel of how Myth-Weavers' Community operates.
  • Technical Help - bbCode and the Dice Roller. Both very good things to know!
  • Now to find a game - well, all you have to do is look here in the Game Advertisements Forum! We do try to make is somewhat simple at times.
  • And lastly, for more immediate help and embracement by the community, come join our Myth Weavers Official Discord Server where all your game conversation can be had, we throw Welcome Harpoons™ at you, and you should totally tease Colin about locks. Well, no, not about the locks.

Come join us!

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