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10 Years of Myth-Weavers

Happy birthday!

So crazy. I've been around here since 2007 I think.

Edit: yeah, just checked. January 2007. Time flies

I'm right there with you. 2007. @#$%, but it's been fun.

Myth-Weavers has been with me through last years of college, basic training, officer school, army service, post-bac study, gap year, and now med school. You fine folks here at MW are directly responsible both for keeping my sanity as well as endless obsession over die rolls and character agonizing. So thanks for that.

My only regret is the list of so many good games that have passed and shant be seen again. Far too many orphan characters who need good game homes.

It was Thursday Sept. 13 07, when I started... MW was barely a year old. Ah the many games I've been in... it's been an amazing ride! I was a Thursday's Child, so I have far to go... and MW has taken me far.

I joined June 24th 2006 right around the time I got hired for the work I still do to this day. I remember when Cleokatrah was Admin and I help work on the Newsletter. I took sometime off and just couldn't get into the swing of things on the site with brief appearances with other user names around 2009 and 2010. Then I came back at the end of 2011 with this username and kept going ever since. Albeit some of my short lived games I'm known for, I do have about three or four games that lasted over a year and one that's close to two. Happy Birthday Myth. Very enjoyable times. I know this place and the people here have treated me very well. A true site and community to be apart of.

My join date says Nov 21 '09, but it was actually 4 years prior to that when I started college, that I started playing tabletops. Some friends and I started a D&D 3.5e campaign, my first ever, and later when it popped up we used this site to store our sheets, update XP, and post silly YouTube videos. At the end of college (08) I took a small break from gaming in some job-hunting flavored activities, and started back up in '09, not remembering my old password and using the name of my first character that I truly fell in love with, my level 1 Bard that hit level 10 when he and his party was destroyed by a series of exploding purple worms... ahh, memories. Since then, I've still used MW like I did in the old days, and I still play with some of those same people. We even had an epic campaign where I brough back my old Kipling Character, saying he was saved from the worms by Olidamarra, and now I get to relive his craziness at level 27 against hordes of strange beasts all over, and with some of the same people I first faced monsters with. In a lot of ways, MW has helped me keep in touch with people I couldn't normally. I check it more than Facebook, and respect it a lot more. Here's to Myth-Weavers!

Dice Roll: 1d20+29
d20 Results: 8 (Total = 37)
Drinks Entire Flagon of Blue Dragon Ale*

Originally Posted by Omnis View Post
The announcement made me wonder where I sat in "seniority", since I joined Aug 07.

So I did a little "advanced search"ing of the member list, and I filtered to only those members who have posted since Jan 1 2016...to get an "active member" count.

There are only 124 members who joined before I did, who are still active in 2016. Huh...pretty crazy.
I have 182 people who have seniority over me. Granted, I initially joined for the character sheet functionality, so I probably don't count as one of the old timers.

I never post on this site, I just use it for the sheets. Upon seeing the ten year anniversary I jut had to post though.

Congratulations Myth Weavers!

*Looks at join date: Dec 2006*



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