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The Lord of Wrath's 7 Commanders

How's work coming on this, by the way? I was looking forward to seeing how this turned out.

I got delayed and distracted, but I have FINALLY been able to make some progress on this!

Here is what I have for Rravaki the Rakshasa, the 1st of the Lord of Wrath's 7 commanders.

Rravaki is perhaps the closest thing the Lord of Wrath has to a friend. At the very least very close allies, Rravaki would always join the Lord of Wrath's forces when in the demon realms. When he decided to organize his 7 Commanders, Rravaki was the first one he went to.

Rravaki chose 100 of the kingdoms best and most loyal tiefling mages and soldiers (all have at least some magical training). Divided into police forces of 10-5 each, they all investigate reports of insurrection inquisitor-style, with Rravaki directing them all. If they see any cause for an arrest, they make a sudden abduction, and Rravaki tortures the subject for information.

As fierce as they are, they don't tolerate petty squabbles. They only acknowledge tips from named sources, and confirm the legitimacy before investigating. They always make a short investigation before making an arrest, and if they don't see cause for an arrest, they instead arrest and torture the tipper for wasting their time.

Of all the Hope Crushers, Rravaki is the one the Lord of Wrath trusts most. And for good reason, he is the least likely to rebel, for he enjoys torturing the people he captures into submission too much to worry about actually ruling anything.

Nice! For his stats, I think 5e has gotten away from giving numerical
Bonuses like +1 to skill checks.

Is that the only thing you see wrong with him? :3

I have noticed a couple gramatical issues which I still need to correct, and I need to figure out why the name is being weird (I'm using a program to create this, it helps with my creation and organizing process, but it has its flaws).
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When I get to my books I will analyze it for balance.

Fair enough. When you do so, here also are the two sets of stats for his 100 crush forces. ("crush forces" is a general term for those who are under the command of any of the commanders)

Rravaki's forces are neatly organized, and are referred to as Takers and Questioners. They are set into ten groups of 10 known as arms, lead by a 1st Questioner and a 2nd Questioner. Each arm is split into two groups of 5 known as hands, each lead by either the 1st or 2nd Questioner. Hands will usually work individually, but Rravaki will sometimes send them in arms for especially large or dangerous raids. If multiple arms are sent on a single mission and Rravaki isn't leading it, he will assign one of the 1st Questioners to temporarily be the Lead Questioner, giving him authority over the other 1st Questioners for that mission only. Rravaki will sometimes send a 1st Questioner in his stead to meetings or to oversee tasks which he can't attend to himself.

A hand has 1 Questioner and 4 Takers. The Takers are always 2 mages and 2 soldiers, the Questioner can be either a mage or a soldier (same states as the respective Taker). The Takers are always to be with their Questioner. If the Questioner dies, the Takers are to finish their mission as best they can, then report to Rravaki to be assigned a new Questioner. Typically a 1st Questioner is replaced by a 2nd Questioner from another arm, while a 2nd Questioner is replaced by a Taker from another hand (who will in turn be replaced by a recruit). Some people have begun referring to Takers and Questioners as “fingers” and “thumbs”, but most of the tieflings hate those terms, so those names are rarely said where they can be heard by untrusted ears.
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Here is Gorgos, the 6th Commander.

Gorgos was the strongest and most feared minotaur in all of Farland, which was why the Lord of Wrath chose him to be one of his 7 Hope Crushers. Putting him through intense training and magical enhancing, Gorgos grew in power and intelligence. However, this increase in physical and social stature amplified his bloodlust, though directing it towards proving his dominance. He prefers to track down and challenge anyone who might try to oppose the dark forces, but his underlying motivation is to prove he is the strongest there is, except maybe the Lord of Wrath himself.

He leads the smallest force of Crushers, consisting of only 31 Worg Riders. If any die, he pulls new riders from the first military company of Worg Riders he encounters, indiscriminate of the race of the rider. Gorgos honestly doesn’t really want his Crushers, nor feels as though he needs them. He tolerates them because they do make it easier for him to confront his prey, corralling his target so they can’t easily escape after he's found them. The 31st Worg Rider is his Deputy Commander, an ambitious and charismatic goblin, and of an unusually small stature even for a goblin. He has a knack for knowing exactly how to please Gorgos, and Gorgos has seen the value of having a second opinion in select conditions. Plus, if he needs to, Gorgos can send his Deputy to stand in for him in political situations so he can continue a hunt.

Gorgos is easily insulted, and will insist on fighting his prey alone, only calling his worg riders for assistance if it looks as though he might lose. He is by no means a coward, often challenging a dozen or so at a time, and winning. But if he is losing, then OBVIOUSLY his opponent is cheating somehow, and the worgs are merely to punish them.

Gorgos has two magic weapons specifically crafted for him, and he also carries eight throwing swords which he can throw at double the range, though he can throw any short sword at normal range of a throwing sword. All of Gorgos’ weapons are silvered and he keeps them well polished. He enjoys using their glinting reflections in his taunting, and he loves the way fresh blood looks as it trickles down the silver surfaces.

Looking at worgs and mounted combat, I have a couple questions.
- Are worgs at least semi-sentient in Farland? It says in the PHB they can actually speak a worg language, goblin, and even common sometimes. Would they speak Dark Speech? Or are they just really nasty wolfs in Farland?
- It looks like mounted combat is more two separate creatures working together, meaning I would keep their stats separate rather than having a single set of "goblin worg rider" stats, and a single set of "orc worg rider" stats (ie. an encounter with a goblin worg rider would be an encounter with a cr1/4 goblin, and a cr1/2 worg), yes?
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Looking at worgs and mounted combat, I have a couple questions.
- Are worgs at least semi-sentient in Farland? It says in the PHB they can actually speak a worg language, goblin, and even common sometimes. Would they speak Dark Speech? Or are they just really nasty wolfs in Farland?
Nope, same as the MM. They would speak Wild Dark Speech.

- It looks like mounted combat is more two separate creatures working together, meaning I would keep their stats separate rather than having a single set of "goblin worg rider" stats, and a single set of "orc worg rider" stats (ie. an encounter with a goblin worg rider would be an encounter with a cr1/4 goblin, and a cr1/2 worg), yes?
Yes, that's right.

3rd Commander, Xartuhm (Cambion)

The Lord of Wrath has spawned many children, and most of them are in his military in some form or another. However, when he began organizing his Hope Crushers, he decided to enlist the best and brightest of his children. The Cambion Xartuhm is different from the rest of his kin. While most gripe, complain, and openly rebel against their demon father, Xartuhm is strictly obedient and shows the utmost respect for his father. Xartuhm has proven his leadership skills and his abilities in combat countless times, and his ability to adapt to quickly changing obstacles has impressed even the Lord of Wrath.

However, Xartuhm is perhaps far more dangerous to his father than any of his siblings, for Xartuhm has just as much loathing towards him, but knows how to control it. (Dudley has ambitions to overthrow his father some day, but he knows that the best way for that to happen is for him to gain power, and the best way for him to do that, is for his father to give that power to him. And now he has that power.

Xartuhm couldn't rely on the Dark Folk’s loyalty when he eventually turns on his father, so he has chosen Gnolls to be his Crushers. These demon worshipping Hyena-creatures were easy to persuade to begin worshiping Xartuhm. One of their most sought after rites, the possession of a Gnoll by a demon, was easy enough for Xartuhm to arrange. Any Hyena that eats from the corpse of a victim of the possessed Gnoll (referred to as a “Gnoll Fang”) becomes a Gnoll themselves. Thus Dudley is able to create a massive army with little difficulty.

Xartuhm organizes his growing army into packs of up to 50 each, and each lead by a Gnoll Pack Lord, who is merely the strongest Gnoll in the Pack. If a Pack Lord is defeated and replaced by a new Pack Lord, the fallen pack Lord is sacrificed to the Gnoll Fang to bring up more Gnolls. While Xartuhm would never tell them this, it is mainly a way to prevent insurrection among the Gnolls. When a Gnoll pack exceeds 50, half of the pack is made into a new pack. It is up to them to choose who their Pack Lord will be. This often results in the death of a handful of the Gnolls.

Occasionally a Gnoll will develop some magic abilities. These Gnolls are called Gnoll Chiefs, and are automatically moved to the “Chief Pack” (no size limit), the Chief with the strongest magical abilities leading them as the High Gnoll Chief. Challenges for this position were non-lethal competitions, displays of their skill and strength in magical abilities. These challenges were actually encouraged, as it encouraged the Gnoll Chiefs to become continuously more powerful.

The High Gnoll Chief is the highest ranking Gnoll, and the only one who can command the Gnoll Fang. While Xartuhm could with relative ease make more Gnoll Fangs, he kept to one in order to adhere to their cultish beliefs. Besides, one was enough. The Chief Pack works differently than the other packs, as the High Gnoll Chief assigns 2-5 Chiefs to other packs, following the commands of the Pack Lords while still remaining part of the Chief Pack.

Xartuhm keeps most of his Gnolls in hiding. He only takes a single pack as his Crusher forces. He defends his choice in the Gnolls in that the combination of their beastly nature, their pack/tribal society, and their cultish zealotry, makes them the most loyal and dependable soldiers he could possibly have.
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2nd Commander, Thirkua

Thirkua means “Changed” in dragon, his original name has been stricken from all known records. The former Oluk Ork was the Lord of Wrath’s most reliable among his standard forces in the present day. Skilled in combat, cunning in strategy, and devoted to the dark occupation. When choosing candidates for the 7 Commanders, his thoughts kept going back to Thirkua. So when (Mr. Mage) mentioned he was looking for a candidate to try a ritual to turn them into a half-dragon, the Lord of Wrath nominated Thirkua.

Thirkua was beyond thrilled for this opportunity, and gleefully (for an ork) accepted. A deal was arranged with a blue dragon (which was betrayed), and the ritual began.

After the transformation, he changed his name and went through extensive training to get used to his new body. He discovered he like mounted combat, but aspired to something better, something ‘higher’. With help from his kobold Crushers (who found it natural to follow a dragon commander), he began the process of breeding the first ever domesticated Wyverns.

The first successful batch of domestic Wyverns are slightly smaller and weaker than wild ones, but are more docile in the sense they will not constantly try eating their riders (though they will occasionally, and Thirkua leads a hunt to bring it back). They also lack the stinger on the tail, though it is still a powerful appendage. Thirkua aspires to eventually having many different breeds of Wyverns like there are of horses. He currently has small packs of: obedient yet fiercer ones for combat; small faster ones for messages and travel; extra long ones for transporting multiple forces;

Thirkua chose one of the wild Wyverns captured to parent the domestic ones as his steed, but the rest of his Crushers all ride the domestic Wyverns. He stations a squad of 5-10 riders in each major city to be used as messengers. He then leads the rest of his battalion wherever he is needed. The Lord of Wrath has told Thirkua that when open conflict begins again, he will be sent to support the front lines as a quick response force.
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