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The Lord of Wrath's 7 Commanders

4th Commander, Sir Septimous

Sir Septimus leads inumerous legions of undead through the kingdoms, tirelessly patrolling the lands both day and night. He leads almost exclusively skeletons, preferring them over many other undead because they work just as well in daylight as in the dark. He leads anywhere between 50 to none at all, all depending on how long it is between visits back to the capital to get replacement troops, and if he has any specific plans for where he is going and what he is doing (sometimes he decides to go on solitary missions). He is usually seen riding his skeletal warhorse, who is believed to have been his in life. While he technically is also in charge of several other groups of undead, he leaves the management of these to his Deputy Commander, (Mr. Mage). He also typically lets (Mr. Mage) attend any political business in his stead.

When he wants more skeletons, he simply goes to the ruins of the old senate building and calls them up from a giant sinkhole. It is public knowledge that corpses are brought to the city and dumped into that sinkhole, but it is unknown just how many bodies are down there. Spies have discovered that in addition to the wagons full of bodies carried through the city, there are many more which are carried in secret.

Few realize that Sir Septimus was the Paladin Sir Cosmas Von Mattian of Daven before he was turned by (Mr. Mage). Gifted to him in life by Seldorius, his axe “Vaeror”, or “Resist”, has an inscription on the blades: “Shor byr shi sajael”, “Thaedys os paer”; “Will not be taken”, “Freedom or death”. Sir Septimus is completely unaware of his former loyalties, so despite (Mr. Mage)’s desire to keep it a secret who Sir Septimus used to be, the irony was for to potent to NOT let him keep the perpetually gleaming and easily identifiable axe. He also rides the skeleton of his old horse.
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5th Commander, Cassen Te Maul (Zoria) (werebear)

Originally from Zoria, he changed his name to "Te Maul" to sound more menacing. The typical werebear is good, and desires to protect that which they care for. Cassen on the other hand, is about as evil as one comes. His greatest passion is to cleave someone with his axe, or to tear them apart with his bare paws (THAT pun was intended). He was recruited for his bloodthirsty nature as well as his natural strength. He is an expert tracker, and prides himself in his ability to find anyone who doesn’t teleport or take to the sky, and even then he can sometimes find the trail again.

He has chosen to employ werewolves for his Crushers, part due to their natural tracking skills, and also for the bloodlust they share with him. He divides them into 4 packs. The first is his own personal pack of around 10 lead by his Deputy Commander. If they loose members, they pull the most competent members of the other 3 packs. The other 3 have 20-30 each, and each is lead by a captain, the oldest werewolf in the bunch. While Cassen is not above “replacing” a Captain with the next one down because he feels the next one would do better, he does not tolerate blatant usurping within the packs (he would then proceed to “replace” the new leader with his successor). A pack usually gets their recruits from the dungeons of mercenary guilds, relieving them of the bounties of murderers and other lowlifes they have acquired (the guilds are compensated well for capturing a candidate for a pack rather than simply killing them). The new recruits are then put through an initiation ritual which borders on brainwashing. If any recruits fail to satisfy the captain, they are served as the first meal for the next batch of recruits.

Cassen typically has each pack patrol and take jobs from local leadership individually, and they only gather together on a full-moonly basis (usually just outside of Far City) to report what they’ve been doing, and for the Deputy Commander to pull his picks to add to the lead pack. However, Cassen will have the packs work together for especially challenging tasks, such as sniffing out and taking down a base of operation for a particularly troublesome set of rebels or Liberated Kingdom spies.

Cassen is paranoid of his own power, so he refrains from passing his lycanthropy. However, he does sometimes use it as a distraction in combat if he feels he might lose. He will bite a foe until they transform. This often disorients the new werebear, as well as any of their allies, making them slightly easier to attack for a short time. If the new werebear escapes, Cassen will assign all of his Crushers to hunt this enemy until they are lying dead at Cassen’s feet.

I'm a little stuck with Cassen. I want him to be stronger than the average werebear in the MM, but I'm not sure what to add aside from the axe.

Gorgos is the beefy hunt-and-destroy character. I feel like if I just tank up Cassen he will become just a slightly different flavor of the same thing. The werewolf crushers are supposed to be like the secret police, a middle ground between Rravaki (who just abducts people he believes are rebels) and Gorgos (who seeks out rebel strongholds and annihilates them).


His human form is that of an undersized albino, complete with stutter and squint. It was not his physical strength for which he was recruited, but the strength of his savage lust for revenge against a world that put him down - refusing to die no matter what illness took hold of him, or injury from bully and bandit and finally werebear he suffered. It also allows for you to have a more visually-striking transformation if he keeps the red eyes and adopts white fur.

He chose his Crushers from the similarly weak and put-upon population, making them loyal to him first by giving them the lycanthropic power necessary to revenge themselves upon their enemies, real or imagined. The result is a secret police who move, as such a force should, unseen or unremarked. If challenged, they can roll over and expose their bellies, so to speak, until they are ready to reveal their true selves.

Rravaki infiltrates and stays infiltrated. Gorgos smash and smash more. Cassen infiltrates and then smashes.

Not sure yet how to make him more mechanically distinct.

So here is Commander T'Maul 2.0 after ChaosHarbinger's suggestion:

5th Commander, Cassen Te Zoria / Carver T’Maul (werebear)

Cassen Te Zoria is an undersized and underfed albino. Anyone who sees him knows instantly that he has received the worst lot of all the unfortunate souls that suffer in the streets of the occupied kingdoms. This stuttering twig of a man often goes unnoticed by all, even the dark folk seem to avoid him because something about him just seems off. People would probably be more wary if anyone survived that knew he was actually the Lord of Wrath’s 5th Commander.

Discovered by accident by the 7th Commanders as they sought out people who wouldn’t be missed, Cassen showed his true colors as he transformed into a vicious monstrosity of a white bear with glowing red eyes. Eventually subdued, he was tortured and questioned. Half the time he laughed. What he did talk about was the hatred he had for those who hurt him (both present and in the past), and his desires of retribution. He felt that he was wronged by the liberated kingdoms just as much if not more than the occupied kingdoms. His sheer force of will and solid hatred intrigued (Mr. Mage). He offered Cassen the power and authority to carry out his revenge. Accepting, he renamed himself Carver T’Maul, and began special training under (Mr. Mage) where he honed his abilities in bear form and received his Were-Axe, Moonclaw.

Commander T’Maul already had a loyal following of others like him, those turned away from society and help, abandoned in favor of others who would be more “useful” in the struggle against the Lords of Sin. He formed his Crushers from these disciples, and bonded them together through lycanthropy. Though he had them bitten by a werewolf rather than by himself, because he is paranoid of his own raw power and of others using it against him.

While he was organizing them, his Crushers actually named themselves. All of them together are the pack. The pack was split into 13 flocks, each with between 3 and 21 disciples and lead by a shepherd. Each flock would graze in designated locations, while Commander T’Maul and his Herald would visit whichever flock they needed to.

T’Maul’s pack moves among the people unseen and unmarked (T'Maul goes by his original name when under cover). They find their ways into the shelter and confidence of people who oppose the Lord of Wrath, and then gut the operations. This is not to say T’Maul is loyal to the Lord of Wrath. He and his disciples loath everyone of high power, they seek to purge the land of all who oppress. But they tolerate the impenitence of the Lord of Wrath to avoid a war on two fronts. Once the pack becomes strong enough, then they will taste demon blood.

I'm still working on the stats. Basically Cassen Te Zoria (his human form) is a weakling twig, while Carver T’Maul (his bear and hybrid form) is really strong. His being albino messes with the Lycanthropy so it doesn't directly affect his normal form like it does others.

Debating making T’Maul and his disciples worshipers of Grlarshh, either already or eventually. At the very least the disciples borderline worshipping T’Maul as a deity.


Secret or open worship? Once you work that one out, the rest falls into place.

Definitely in secret. Do you think ANYONE in the chain of command above T'Maul would be very happy that they are worshiping someone other than Vornoth? Especially a competing evil god. The Lord of Wrath himself may not specifically care, but it's not very good work ethic to employ someone who openly opposes your boss. :P

If/When they rebel against the Lord of Wrath, THEN they would be more public about it. But then, (Mr. Mage) and Xartuhm both have their own ambitions to overthrow the Lord of Wrath with Undead and Gnolls respectively (Oh wait, I don't think I've actually said anything about (Mr. Mage) yet, I haven't even given him a proper name!). I doubt the werewolves will be ready before either of those two are, and that's if the liberated kingdoms don't defeat ALL of them before anything happens.

Here are his stats. I'm a little unsure about his "Refusal To Die" ability. Does it look fine, or else any thoughts on modifying it?

(edited stat images, on later post)

Here are Xartuhm's Gnolls

Gnoll: Straight from the MM. This is a new Gnoll still being trained. Considered calling it a Gnoll Pup
Gnoll Veteran: Almost straight from the MM. Pack Lord stats, but am saying this is the level of an experienced Gnoll.
Gnoll Pack Lord: New set, but fairly confident about its balance.
Gnoll Chief: They are for early battle support (or first strike for really large forces), mid battle ranged combat, and late battle melee clean up.

While a Pack could have 50 Gnolls plus 10 or more Chiefs, in reality a pack is more likely to have around 35 plus 2 or 3 Chiefs. The smallest a pack is allowed is 10 Gnolls and 1 Chief.

Estimate 2/3 of a pack being young Gnolls, the remaining 1/3 are the Vets and the Pack Lord (round in favor of the Vets).
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How about "Damage rolls have disadvantage against T'Maull"? Easier to keep track of than adding a healing factor dependent on injury. Also, wording question: are HIS attacks gaining advantage but deal half damage, or those of his enemies, with the 1/day healing boost? That's ok to keep as is, I think.


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