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Magic Items in Farland

The Shield's of Kassius shouldn't be able to remove physical shields, that would be a bit of a strange power. Just magical forcefields and the like. (This was probably to go without saying, but just wanted to be sure I said it clearly. I have a bad habit of assuming people can read my mind.)

Also, my notes are everywhere. Here are 3 more complete ideas I had.

And this is a list of ideas I have, but haven't written out fully yet. Are there any I shouldn't even bother with?

- Growing and shrinking weapons (storage/usable by multiple sizes of creatures)
- Beam weapons (shoot things like heat ray)
- Weapons of elements (made from elements and/or casting elemental spells)
- Medallion of convincing (bonus to skills when the medallion is fondled in front of the target)
- Belts of _______ (carry as much heavy stuff on it as you want)
- Cloak of mist (can create a fog over a large-ish concentrated area)
- Mantle of brawn (strength bonus, perhaps a +1 to max strength stat)
- Instant wards (basket with several small stones. Place them around the perimeter of the warded area to get desired effect)
- Puppeteering Ring (Does something similar to the effects of the Dominate person, Geas, and Command spells)
- Command Ring (Lesser copy of the Puppeteering Ring made by the Dark Cadre)
- Teleport Rug (A magic circle imbedded into the weaving of the carpet allows for large teleporting capabilities, though each use wears out the rug, and tearing it or staining it could mess with its magic)
- Portable Ballista (Made by modern dwarven smiths and mages, this is a small ballista that shoots standard javelins, but it can be folded up into a small-ish manageable size due to tiny nondimensional pockets placed in parts of the ballista itself. One such pocket can hold up to 50 javelins. Not as powerful as Steam Ballista, designed for easy transport and fast set up.)

I think that's everything I have thusfar.

Cool ideas. When you stat out your ideas, look to the DMG descriptions for models of appropriate phrasing and descriptions.

So I'm working on rewording and stating the items. However, going over the beholder items, a couple new ideas and questions came to be.

I have the "complete guide to beholders", and it is chock-full of interesting stuff. A lot of it doesnt makes sense to try incorporating into Farland, but a couple things stick out. Specifically stuff about Beholder culture, and people with beholder abilities.

The culture talks about the 9 "domains" of Beholders, which is basically like the beholder nations. Not nations as in geographical locations, but their mindsets and alliances. Some have specific physical likenesses and differences (such as the domain of the enigma having an empty socket where their main eye should be), but mostly it's their ideals and motivations that distinguish them. This could be represented in the world of Farland as 9 sects of the single beholder nation, or else an alliance of 9 clans, that sort of thing. The 9 domains had to combine and work together when they were banished to the Dark Deeps. (Perhaps lead by the council of the 9, the oldest of each of the dominions or something like that.)

But the thing that really caught my attention, was the people. I realized that a few of the items I made would fit really well with an altered version of the "eyekin". In the guide, they are followers of the Beholders, some even worshiping them. In exchange, the beholders grant power to the people, and most begin growing extra eyes on parts of their bodies. In the context of Farland, I think it would be cool (scary) if the slaves of the beholders became eyekin after a prolonged time of servitude. This could also be a side effect to wearing/using some of the items made from beholders, and eyekin can have specific advantages for using these items, but could be severely disadvantaged simply for being eyekin (imagine trying to explain why you have an eye on your cheek or the palm of your hand).

Like I said, I am working on rewording the items I currently have, but as I do so I keep coming up with ideas for new ones.

Keep 'em coming!

Is a spell clock a thing in Farland? I've seen countless references to spell clocks in my research. Is it something that everyone knows about except me (until recently)? :P

I don't know about it either. What is it?

Technically it's a literal clock that is used to recast duration spells, but it can really be any item you want it to be with a similar function. It's usually found in descriptions with a lot of sciency magic where artisans both magical and not are known to mak clockwork gadgets. But it's found many other places as well, used to perpetuate traps and other such things. One example was it cast a mass charm person spell over a whole town every hour so they would zealously follow a specific person (except for those who successfully pass the DC, and they are very confused unti the clock is finally discovered and destroyed/deactivated).

In the context of Farland if clocks dont exist (they dont right?) it could be a box with gears and a bell or cristal or something, the gears enchanted with perpetual motion, and aproximately every hour or so it re-enchants whatever the bell or crystal is enchanted with. This could be a new invention bassed on the same principle as spell gems, or it may be a lost technology rediscovered (perhaps wherer the idea of modern spellgems came from)?

I guess I don't see a reason why it couldn't exist. Water clocks might exist in Farland, although I guess they'd be exceedingly rare and expensive.

Here are a few more items for your (re)consideration.


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