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Magic Items in Farland

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A couple things:

- I've been looking back to Galdien, the insane anti-lich. (Which reminds me, I actually have the 7th commander mostly written up, I need to wrap that up and post them :P) Galdien is obsessed with magic items, grabbing things from around the globe ranging from powerful artifacts to simple items which he deemed was necessary for his "collection". I've been contemplating Galdien and his collection for a bit now, and have come up with several ideas for bizarre things which he creats himself to satisfy his hunger for more magic to surround him. These are items which no one in their right mind would want anywhere on the same plane as them, maybe not even on a different plane. I'm thinking his adventure could be for a couple different levels;

around level 8, this party is abducted because they have a very magical item or are set to protect an important and famous figure (the normal guards acting as decoys as the party is hired to take them to a secret and safe place). After being captured, they are tasked with finding a way to escape with their hides intact, and maybe grabbing something which may or may not lead to some major mayhem depending on how insane Galdien was when he made it or if he made it (more likely to cause mayhem if he did make it);

16-18, they seek out Galdien's tower (either because they were abducted in the past or it has been spotted by a sailor who miraculously didn't die escaping or somewhat), the intent is investigate/kill/avenge/rescue/something. If they manage to kill Galdien, his tower begins to implode (from all the unstable magic emanating from Galdien's collection) and they have a time limit to escape through his portal-to-anywhere, though if they fail, they become targets of him and are harassed constantly until he is dead.
I like both ideas. I think it is a good idea to build something into the adventures so that the PCs can really only leave with an amount of magic items appropriate for an adventure's normal rewards.

- I also have been rummaging through the actual items listed for D&D. How do you feel about some of the crazier items? Things like the Quiver of Ehlonna which can just be renamed, or the Rod of Lordly Might which can just be passed off as a relic from one of the Cadres. Or what about things like the Bag of Beans or the Deck of Many Things which are just crazy and often harmful to the player trying to use it (at least the bag of beans has an element of predictability)? I kind of asked this before, and you said most items in the DMG would be accessible except scenario specific ones. For these crazy items (things like the deck of many things), would they be explained as having been crated by an ancient magical being experimenting with their powers (like a hag, or a new or elderly dragon, or Galdien)?
I think renaming existing magic items is exactly what you should be doing for most (but not all) of the items in these adventures.

I really need to finish a single project and stop jumping around so much. :P


I like the idea of the Deck of Monsters! Very creative.


I went through the three monster books and made a list of all the cards he likely has. I left out most community creatures (as in races that form their own civilizations), practically all constructs (because he can just make those), many from other planes (because those would be hard even for him to collect), and ones that are too specific to certain settings. I also left out all specifically demons and devils, most of them are too unique. Though it would be interesting to have a deck of demons that does something special... Anyways, task at hand. I attached the list of cards, and as of now it has 326 cards (give or take a few, I may have miscounted). Does this sound reasonable? going through 326 monsters one per day until it is empty or the party says "NOPE! we're done!" (that is if they can get the deck from Galdien)? Or should I remove more of specific kinds (like there are a bunch of desert specific ones), or add a mechanic where you roll a bunch of dice to remove several handfuls of monsters he never collected or already used for something?

I'm working on redoing the list of cards, I'm removing a lot of plants as well as undead that are summoned (he only wants to collect undead that become undead on their own). I'm also weeding out more multiples. For example, there is another type of mummy in the Tomb, so I'm removing that one in favor of the one in the MM. And then there are creatures like the Gnoll which he probably wouldn't mess with since they are heavily pack oriented, and one gone missing inexplicably might cause issues if anyone found out (Galdien is paranoid after all, which is what drove him to living in a tower fortress on an island)


Thanks for keeping things organized.

What do you think of these concepts for midified crossbows? I have a sorcerer player who would like to start using a hand crossbow while she flings spells from her staff (shes a brand new sorcerer, so has been enstructed by her mentor to use the staff until she can control her magic better). She is mildly disapointed at how much she would need to devote to the crossbow to make it viable enough to pair it with her spellcasting, so this is my attempt to give her an option.



Needs feedback


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