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Chat it up in this thread. No introductions necessary.

Hmm, maybe I'm an idiot (and I won't deny if you agree) but it looks like because the thread is locked, I can't 'quote' it to get the log sheet template

Glad to see more 5e popping up. I'm new to this edition, but not to D&D. I've got a 5e game I'm running on Myth-Weavers, but we haven't even gotten to our first fight yet.

I'm not new to D&D or to 5th Edition, but I've never tried out this Adventurer's League angle before... I might give it a try if I can nail down a concept. I like the organization!

If you've played Living Forgotten Realms, its quite similar. And the module I'm running is very good for first time players of 5e. Its light on plot but intended to jump start players into AL. If the initial mod goes over well I'll likely run the next one in the series.

Main thing to know about making an AL Character is what material you can and can't use. All laid out in the AL Player's Guide. FAQ is helpful too.

I haven't, actually, so this will be a big first. But I've always been curious! And I'll keep that in mind, give the FAQ and Player's Guide a good reading and then think on a character... that's the hard part for me, settling on a concept.

Poor_Knight, currently I'm settling between two different character concepts, a Divination Wizard and a Wild Magic Sorcerer. I really like the Wizard since I like to play with rituals, which open up a lot of strategies to the party. The Wild Magic Sorcerer... TBQH, that one's a little more greedy, it's just a fun class I've long wanted to try and never gotten to in a game that's gotten off the ground. I'd be more than happy with either, though I know Wild Magic Sorcerers are fairly polarizing, so I might err away from that one.

Just in case, I did want to check on the Wild Magic Sorcerer's big feature, Wild Magic Surge. "... The DM can have you roll a d20. If you roll a 1, roll on the Wild Magic Surge table." It's a bit infamous that WMS is very vaguely worded, leaving it to DM interpretation how often the character should roll to see if they trigger a Surge. Do you have any thoughts on this? I've seen assuming the roll happens anytime a 1 is rolled relating to spells, or a 1 on attack rolls involving spells, or just roll a special d20 whenever the character casts a spell regardless of if the spell itself requires a roll or not. Do you have any thoughts or preferences? Or would you prefer to leave it vague?

Well I am done. Everyone out of PHB except race out of Volo's. I had issues with your format so just used a standard one I've always had. Let me know if I need anything more!


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