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Plaguesap Treants

It's certainly a bit more refined than my original version, less complex options to have to worry about. Honestly, Farland, if you think it works better overall mechanically, then go for it, because I'm a complete newbie to 5e. I only started using it at all to have a ruleset to accompany whatever I'm writing up here. I've worked off 3.x for nearly a decade and still consider myself an amateur at that!

As long as the feel of the creature is right, the rest is infinitely negotiable.

I thought you might say that.

I tried to stat it up to make it clear and balanced in 5e while retaining the details and uniqueness of the idea.

By the way, Chaos, here is the Plaguesap treant our artist produced to go with the stats for this month's update. Thought you might like to see it.
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Yup, I'd say that qualifies as a twisted horror of a treant. Nice one.


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