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Good idea! I may or may not do that, because mostly she's giving up the trappings of her life as a thief... but definitely will consider it.

Originally Posted by GabrielLong View Post
Good idea! I may or may not do that, because mostly she's giving up the trappings of her life as a thief... but definitely will consider it.
Haha...just have fun is the #1 rule. Welcome to the Adventurers League on the Weave!

Okay, soliciting opinions here - what do you guys think is the most useful +1 for your characters? And/or which one do you like the best, and why? What options does it open up for you that you find you "need" the most?

No way to know. Depends entirely on the character in question.

Xanathar's has the most options for archetypes, and even if you're not using those there are good spells and feats in there. But if you want to play a Bladesinger, you've got to go with SCAG. And if you want to play a Bugbear, you have to use Volo's.

Powers &8^]

Fair enough - so I guess you would say Xanthar's for the widest range/most versatility, but if you have a favorite then the others might be best?

To be fair, I don't have any of these, and have just barely started with AL and have only been looking into 5e for a couple months. Before that, the last time I played D&D 3.5 was "new." So I don't have a personal favorite, but I am interested in hearing the favorite options of others too

My motto is, "When in doubt: Xanathar's."
@LtPowers Said it perfectly. It depends mainly on the race-subclass combination you want to play. If both are in the PHB then look at the spells in XGE and SCAG for your options.

Remember that wizards may still FIND and learn spells from any source, whereas sorcerers and warlocks may not. (Tomb warlocks are the exception.) If you are at a table with another wizard you may trade spells also.

I assume you mean Tome warlocks because of the ability to copy ritual spells? Because if not (and there are such things as Tomb warlocks) I would love to see what THOSE guys' deal is! haha

As some of you know, I have been living with a disability for the past two years. I joined MythWeavers as a way to socialize in a game I love and could not play verbally. I dove in and have truly enjoyed my time here. You all have been the “voices” I could turn to while I was completely house-bound during the week. It truly has been a blessing for me.

About the same time I started here, I was given funding to go back to school and learn what I needed to in order to start a new career where the challenges I face with mobility and strength will not pose a problem. I elected to study psychology with an emphasis on Military Resilience (in a nutshell, counseling Military and first responders through crisis, trauma, and PTSD along with the comorbid depression and anxiety. I also am receiving training in counseling their families through dealing with the new realities and military separation). For a year, all was well. I loaded up on three classes per 8-week quarter, 18 credits a semester. Last quarter was the first where I had all 400-level classes. That, along with a turn in my health caused ripple effects that affected my play here.

This quarter, I started an internship where I am observing behaviors in grade-school children and how the instructors and other students respond to those behaviors. It has taken up more time than I expected and has really worn me out. Since I have been largely housebound, only going out for errands with my family once a week or, until a month ago, having a friend drive me to appointments, the extra effort involved has been exhausting. I have barely enough in me to get what I need done for school each day before falling asleep. Couple that with family time and I am shorter on time than I have been.

Part if the condition I have includes an inability to cope with anxiety in a “normal” way. I have been working on that, but also still do a lot of avoidance. As a result, I found myself avoiding the place I find most comforting when I am anxious. I find that role-play gets me out of my head and lets my mind take a break while my brain gets busy with the story. Only, I couldn’t bear coming on and updating a couple of tables and leaving the rest until I had another 10 minutes or so. I hoped reducing my load would help, but it has not.

I am not leaving the ‘Weave or even abandoning DMing altogether. I just need to step back and let life catch back up to me, or vice-versa. I also gave the background because I don’t want to hide behind or from my illness. I have a duty as a future counselor to step forward and show that it is ok to need help and get it. I also wanted to offer that anyone who needs a shoulder or ear can reach out to me. Never worry that you are bothering or interrupting me. I care.

All of that being said, I have opened my tables up to the DMs to see who is interested in taking them over. My 05-01 is in their final encounter, so I will finish them up. I will also close out 07-07 since they have all run from the big bad final encounter (wisely, I might add). Once things settle some, I will pick back up with one or two mods, waiting on HC until I am certain that the interruptions above have settled. I also want to thank each and every one of you. Over the past 16 months, I have made friends, gone on adventures and helped others seek their fortunes while keeping me active and not thinking about what had been taken by my condition. I would not have it any other way.

tl;dr - I am paring way back because of real life and offer my tables to any interested parties.

Thanks for sharing a little about yourself, Shambala. I am a special education teacher, and work with children with disabilities. I even run D&D games after school to help students learn social skills and cope with anxiety.

Good on you for bearing down in school and getting it done. I'm glad D&D and Mythweavers has been an outlet for you. I have really enjoyed playing D&D with you.

I don't blame you for cutting back on the absolutely insane amount of games you have been in. We hope you don't disappear completely. Let us know what you need.

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