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Meat grinder..?

From what I understand about it (having not experienced it myself.) Death save DC goes from 10 to 15.

Originally Posted by zerix807 View Post
Does the Open Games sticky stay pretty up to date?
So-so. It's not usually terribly out of date. But it is a manual process that's easily over looked. If you;re looking for a game might want to shout out in Chamber of Waiting that you have a PC looking for one.

Originally Posted by Shambala View Post
I read the meat grinder rules and cried for players subjected to it. Good luck!
I opted in with a Lvl1 Wizard. Should be interesting

I've got a half orc warlock in the pipe, bound to a greater demon, looking for a spot. Outside of Out of the Abyss which module sets does the group think fit best with less than paragons of goodness and justice? Looking for something low fantasy, certainly, and gritty in tone.

A huge pile of characters to divvy up into tables for Ports of Peril, Poor Knight. That should be good fun to mix and match.

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