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Aurora's Whole Realms Trading Outpost

Aurora's Whole Realms Trading Outpost

This Trading Outpost is but one of a number of similar outlets located throughout Faerūn, connected through a network of teleportation spells and devices, with outlets in most major cities in western Faerūn, including at least six in the city of Waterdeep.
Have a magic item you'd like to trade? Post an advert here!

Here are the AL Regulations on such activity:

Please be responsible for your adverts and indicate if an item has been traded or is no longer up for trade so Moderators can remove the ad.

Mia Deephollow has an uncommon +1 trident. I'm not picky; I'll happily trade for anything a Dex/Cha Lore Bard could use.

Magic Item+1 Trident
Weapon (trident), uncommon

This rusted weapon is crusted over in barnacles and draped in wet seaweed. Its wielder can hold their breath underwater for twice the normal duration. This item can be found in the Dungeon Master's Guide.

Zenfirth Stormglory has acquired a set of Leather Armor +1 whilst playing through Peril at the Port.

Magic Item+1 Leather Armor
Armor, Rare

This sealskin suit is embroidered with octopuses that squirm magically when exposed to air. If worn underwater, the wearer gains advantage on checks made to escape grappling. This item can be found in the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

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