Happy Anniversary 😍 - Myth-Weavers


Happy Anniversary 😍

Happy Anniversary 😍

Hey all - today (Dec. 12) is AL Games 2-year anniversary.

I just wanted to drop a personal note and say thanks for the games, friendships, and memories. This is what D&D is really about to me and the people here at Myth Weavers and AL Games have provided that in abundance.

I'm grateful for all of the DMs here that have made it happen - AL Games does not exists without them. It started with a small handful but quickly turned into dozens of DMs now with over 60 games currently running. They've helped shape AL Games to what it is today.

And of course the 100+ players than have come through these forums. I've had the honor of DMing several of them and the pleasure of playing along side many more. The characters that have been brought to life here have been amazing. It's been a blast!

Looking forward to more!

Best wishes and happy holidays,
- PK

I'll second that, and a special thanks to my GM's, @Gumboy, @Popestar, and @Wonderwill, for making my first experience with D&D, in any shape or form, a great one!

Originally Posted by ballon View Post
Thanks @Poor_Knight for all your dedication and patience with us
Absolutely! (Especially to all my DMs for their patience with me!)

Originally Posted by MisterJoshua View Post
Thanks @Poor_Knight for founding a great group.

I didnít realise when I joined how close to the start it was! Feb 2017
I didn't realize that either. I joined March 2017.

I stopped playing AD&D way-back-when after I graduated high school. Critical Role reintroduced D&D to me as 5th edition. This was the first place to play 5e, and I was hooked. I have since started 3 separate D&D live groups, 2 with students and one with teachers.

Playing live games is difficult to fit into my schedule, but Pbp are perfect for me to play in small chunks. I love being able to combine role playing with writing so I have the time to think through my character's next move and dialogue or as a DM, describe in detail what monsters and NPCs do. This group on Mythweavers is a vibrant, active, and fun group. AL allows me to take characters from here to live or online AL games and back.

Thanks for starting and working so hard to maintain this group. It wouldn't be this good without you.

Thanks everybody for making this place great.

Happy Anniversary!

Hear hear! A huge thanks to @Poor_Knight for keeping this community available and alive for us. And also, you're welcome!


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