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Happy Anniversary 😍

I can't believe it's been almost two years. I've had a great time running and playing - thanks to all the players and GMs and most of all to @Poor_Knight, for putting the whole thing together and keeping it going.

When I was first started researching Play by Post sites a month or so ago, I compared a few different sites, but what really put myth weavers over the top for me was the AL section. Most sites go strictly by the application process to get into games, which is totally fine, but there your competing with other players for a spot and it can take weeks to get a response. Here, I was able to create three characters and get them all in games within about a day of them being verified by a DM, I feel that really speaks for the organization of the forum and the team behind it as well.

It's nice to not have to worry about the application process, but instead create a character and just "sit down" at an open table, especially for someone brand new just wanting to get a feel for PbP gaming.

And, a special thanks to @Poor_Knight for putting it all together (when I made my first post here, I didn't realize you were the "man behind the curtain" for this whole thing).

@Poor_Knight...thanks for getting this juggernaut off of the ground!

I'm still in awe of what has been achieved. Fantastic!

Thanks all. And for the record, I simply had the idea to try this. @Foxwyn had the same idea and we combined forces here since I already had a game going. Then other DMs quickly jumped in to set up their own tables. And certainly the MW folks have helped foster our goal - @Rodrigo lifted the folder limit for this game when he saw how we were organizing things.

The first-come-first-seated guideline has been important to me for the very reasons @Wurtan stated. And it's keeping in the spirit with the inclusive, organized play experience. (no slight on the typical application process - there is really not an easy way to choose 5 players out of dozens)

In the end it's not my game, or the DMs' games. There are no games without Players and DMs alike. I'm just a coordinator and MW is simply our virtual convention ground. And I'm sure it'll continue with a different coordinator if I disappear.


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