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Happy Anniversary 😍

YAY!! Congrats on all of our DMs, specially @Poor_Knight that spearheaded the effort. And to all our fellow players that make this a wonderful community to play D&D in. You all rock!

I've been playing D&D since around 1978. I've played 3.5e the most - for about ten years. I ran a home campaign until 2016. I prefer Pathfinder/3.5e but AL games allows me to get "my feet" wet with 5e. I'm too busy with other games to get in local AL play. I'm running two FTF games, a Pathfinder game and just started a 2e AD&D home game. This forum comes in handy to let me play 5e on a busy schedule gaming and otherwise.

Thanks to the DMs and players for a vibrant and friendly forum!

Happy Anniversary!!! Thank you to all the players that make it worth while and more so to the DMs who heart, love and great person energy to bring the games to life and to make it a great community. May it continue onward next year and so on! Truly heartfelt thanks to @Poor_Knight and the other MW admins for their continued work to maintain MW what it is


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