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A Learning Experience

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A Learning Experience

A Learning Experience - Forum

Yo Dawg, I heard you like Spheres...

Yeah, you know the rest of the meme.

At the request of @Catherine Cook, I've created a short, relatively simple game to allow people to learn more about the Spheres of Power and Might alternate magic and martial system for Pathfinder. The idea is to run a fairly short game that allows people new to the Spheres system to learn the basics of how it works, and, hopefully, encourage them to use/allow it in their own pathfinder games going forward.

As such, I'm asking for only people either wholly unfamiliar with the Spheres system, or those with only minimal knowledge, to apply. I'd also prefer those with GM experience who wish to run their own Pathfinder games (which, obviously, I hope will include Spheres) going forward, but I'm not going to be 100% strict about that.

The game will be for a total of four characters (Catherine Cook being one, so I'm looking for an additional three players), using fairly straightforward character creation rules and minimal house rules - and for those of you that have played in my games in the past, you know just how unusual that is for me.

Here's hoping it will be A Learning Experience for all of us...

And yes, for those who are wondering, the name of this game IS more than just a clever pun. It is also an intrinsic part of the story.


A little bit about me: I'm Arklytte, long time member of The Weave, and unofficial Old Fart Grognard™.

I've GM'd several games here on MW, as well as other sites, and have had varying degrees of success with them. I've been roleplaying for well over 30 years now (tabletop for most of my life, and online for about 15 years - ten of which have been here on MW), and have played many, many different systems. Even invented a couple. I am a big fan and avid supporter of ROLE over ROLL playing and my games feature a lot of character interaction/development, fleshed out NPC's, and (at least so I'm told) lots of fun.

I value intense, flavorful roleplay;
Whether English is your first or fourth language, it is the lingua franca of MW. Like Corbin Dallas, I only speak/read English and Bad English. The written word is the only form of communication we have here, and I expect my players to be at least reasonably competent at it. If you have trouble with your writing, or English is not your first language, please use a spell checker and do your best to use reasonably good grammar. I'm not going to penalize someone for not being an English Lit major, but I do expect everyone to make an effort to be a good communicator.
strong writing skills; and creative, open minds.

That being said, I am also an opinionated old fart (as advertised ), for whom the word 'Optimization' is akin to other Four Letter Words. I dont care how good a roleplayer you claim to be, if your first inclination when considering joining this game is to rub your hands in glee at all the options you have to make 'teh uber character'...well...let's just say that this game wont be the best fit for you. And yes, I know...Stormwind Fallacy...BLAH BLAH BLAH! Sorry, IMO Stormwind is full of it. And at the end of the day, My Game, My Rules. If you find this too restrictive or are offended by it, then I appreciate you reading this far and wish you luck in your future endeavors on the Weave. I'm sure there are plenty of games that cater to your preferences...this one will not. I'm going to blatantly steal a comment I read in another recruitment thread, by Legionbunny, that I think perfectly sums up my attitude on this point. It's quite apropos to this game as well.

Murderhobos...Shoo! SHOO!

Now, all that being said, Spheres characters do have the potential to end up being very strong, mechanically speaking. I'm totally ok with that...if I wasn't, I wouldn't be running this game, nor would I be trying to instill the love that I have for the system into others. I didn't choose to use these rules so that you could torture the math into giving you a character who can one shot an ancient dragon. I chose them because I happen to think that the Spheres system gives players much more flexibility to make a truly interesting, compelling character, that is exactly what you envision when you think of 'Hero'.

Unlike the majority of my games, as I said above, this one is specifically intended to be fairly short term. I will be running a pre-made module...no, I wont tell you which one. No, it's not a Pathfinder module...stop asking. If the game goes well and those involved are interested in carrying on after the first module is finished, I'm open to the possibility of doing so, possibly even expanding the team by a couple players. I have a whole stack of modules I never got to GM with my old tabletop group, and for years I've been dying to run some of them. This gives me the opportunity to do so while also giving folks the opportunity to hopefully learn a little something as well.

Regarding Recruiting: Despite the fact that one of the primary aims of this game is specifically to teach mechanics, I am still FAR more interested in the story you tell about your character. Your story should influence the mechanics, not the other way around. 90%+ of my decision on who I choose to join my games is based on your character's story. And my interest in the crunchy bits is mainly to see if they match up with the fluffy stuff...well, that, and making sure they're reasonably well balanced against your fellows.

As stated, we're going to be using the Spheres of Power and Might alternate character creation system. This system encourages flexibility and customization above all else, and that appeals to me quite a lot. Unlike most of my games, this one will focus less on heavy customization and house rules and more on teaching the basics of the Sphere system.

At present, the plan is to leave recruitment open for one week. At approximately 12PM EST, January 20th I will officially close the ad and stop open recruiting, at which point, I will choose my players. As stated, that will be based almost entirely on a character's fluff, so I expect that portion of your character to be completely done by end of recruitment, along with enough of the mechanics that I have a general feel for your character (Class, obviously, as well as your primary Sphere focus, maybe a few feats, etc at a minimum). Due to the fact that Spheres will likely be new to most of the players, I fully expect that people will likely need additional time to finish their characters. Those that are chosen will get all the time they need to finish their mechanics.

Game Description:

A Haunted Forest...
An Abandoned Manor...
A Mage Gone Missing...
A Desperate Steward...
An Implacable Foe...
A Menacing Friend...
Could it all be just...A Learning Experience???


Come, Noble Adventurers, break your fast and rest from your travels at the famous Korova Inn, home of the refreshing, pale liquid known as Korova Cream, a drink that goes down easy and smooth, but makes it tough for you to get back up again.

A roaring fire, a fine meal, and an evening's light entertainment await you.

Join us!


A Pathfinder game set in a 'Standard Fantasy World™'. The PC's will be a group of three seasoned adventurers who have known one another for some time and have adventured together for awhile. The game will start as the PC's enter the town of Korova, a small outpost of civilization in the middle of thousands of acres of primeval forest.

Arriving in the town, they will find a chance to rest, recuperate, and possibly solve a mystery that has the locals baffled, and just a little bit afraid.


A couple of points about the tone of the campaign...

While this game will be fairly ROLEPLAY heavy, it will also feature a decent amount of combat, puzzle solving, and social interaction. There is a mystery afoot, and the PC's will, hopefully, help to solve it. Please keep this in mind when making decisions about what sort of character you want to create.

I wont be handing out XP in the traditional sense, I will instead be advancing your characters at story appropriate places.

This game will be intimate. Unlike most of my games, the team will consist of just 3 PC's, rather than my normal 6 (or 7 or 8, since I seem to have a penchant for drawing awesome players who write awesome apps, and I have a hard time saying no. :palm:). I think the smaller group size should make for more intense roleplay, and also give plenty of opportunity to explore the Spheres mechanics.

This game will be relatively slow paced. I'm still getting back into the swing of things after dealing with some heavy personal stuff IRL, and I'm hoping running a relatively 'simple' adventure will help me get my groove back. Just so everyone is aware, I work in an industry that is extremely busy this time of year, and I am also dealing with some ongoing personal stuff, thus, trying to carve out enough time IRL to allow me to practice the hobby I love can be challenging. That being said, I am committing to 2-3 IC posts a week once the game starts and I expect the same from my players.

This game will be somewhat lighter themed than most of my games. All evidence to the contrary, I am an adult (actually, as mentioned, I'm kind of an old fart :]) and I tend write for other adults. While this game will likely feature adult themes (within site limits, obviously), evil villains, and morally questionable choices, it will also feature a fair bit of humour and even some slapstick. The outcomes of the game will be largely dependent on the PC's choices, and if things go pear shaped, expect the story to turn dark very quickly.

If all of this interests you, please check out the following threads:
  • Character Creation Rules - Everything you need to know to create your character. There are a few house rules, so please read this thread completely through, before you head to the...
  • Character Creation Q&A - If you have clarification questions or require specific answers, please post them here.
  • General OOC thread - Chat about the game, your character, the weather, or pretty much anything else, here. No rules specific questions, please.

When you're ready to start, please make a PRIVATE thread in the Applications Folder, then start checking things out.

I look forward to meeting you...

"You'll wake up from your daze with your companion's blood on your sword, and I'll ask you again whether you think my craft has any "real" dictation on reality." - The 'wimpy' Illusionist

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Originally Posted by Arklytte View Post
Sure, go for it. I'm not exactly swamped in apps right now anyway, so it's possible I'll need you to join the fun as well.
*grabs hat and tosses it into the ring* Ya know, I only have that hat just to do that...

I think I can come up with something a little on the simpler side. And now that I think about it, I've never had a chance to actually play a spheres character. Made several dozen and tried to run a game involving it (both here and for my casual live players), but not play any of them. LOL

Interesting concept, never heard of spheres till now. Sounds great though and possibly that extra piece I've been looking for this whole time. Plus you quoted Corban Dallas so I am totally in!

@Yamazaki: I have one of those hats too. And, you're welcome. I was talking to @timsheff and we both realized that, for all the characters we've created and all the theorycrafting we've done, neither of us have all that much practical Spheres experience. So, yeah, a learning experience all round.

@dj2145: Welcome, welcome. Grab your multipass and head on down. Spheres is, IMO, the best (non DSP) 3pp product available for Pathfinder. It offers a crazy amount of flexibility, while still maintaining good balance. It has issues, sure, but the positives more than make up for the negatives IMO. I hope you end up liking it.

Then brother, I must be all kinds of wise.

Well, I know it's an hour shy of the deadline, but I'm gonna close this beast anyway. Thank you to everyone who applied, everyone who poked their noses in and took the time to read, and everyone who left a comment. I look forward to seeing y'all round the Weave.


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