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Seleece, Crime Lord

Seleece, Crime Lord

Name: Seleece
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Species: Twi'lek
Description: A slim younger looking woman, her body well kept and toned, fit and eager. Her eyes are quick and sharp, taking in everything and giving away little. But it some ways it is a ruse, allowing herself to appear more innocent and trusting than her true nature. She has a rare pale skin tone and has left her skin unmarked.
Background: Seleece was quite luckily, her father being an expert racer for the Exchange. He is a master of his craft but always wins or loses as he is told to. Her mother raised her in semi-luxury, following her husband from race world to race world during the seasons, smartly investing his money. Then Brotherhood of Chaos attacked the Exchange and while her family was safe, their benefactors were mostly killed off or driven deep. As she was coming of age she was given much of the savings and thus she has formed her own little mostly legal set up.
Personality and Skills: Seleece is a greedy sharp and shrewd businesswoman. She has a tongue of silver and seems to have a knack for rubbing two credits together to make a third appear. She is also a more than a decent pilot, having learned from her father, is quick with a pistol to be able to defend herself on top of her social skills.

Medium Twi'lek Noble 5, Scoundrel 2, Crimelord 3
Destiny 10; Force 6; Dark Side 0; XP 45000
Init +13; Senses +11
Languages: Basic, Ryl, Binary, Durese, High Galactic, Huttese, Rodese
Defenses: Ref 25 (flat-footed 22), Fort 23, Will 25
HP 68; Threshold 23
Speed 6
Melee: None
Ranged: +11 Heavy Blaster, Superior accuracy 3d8+5
Base Attack +6; Grapple +9
Abilities: Base+race+level4+level8
str 11+0+0+0 =11
dex 14+0+1+1 =16
con 12+0+0+0 =12
int 14+0+0+0 =14
wis 14-2+0+0 =12
cha 16+2+1+1 =20
Noble 1-wealth
Noble 3-connections
Noble 5-Born Leader
Scoundrel 1-Illicit dealings (force unleashed)
Crime Lord 1-attract minion
Crime Lord 2-attract minion
Crime Lord 3-Wealth of Allies
Level1 Vehicular combat
noble1 Linguist
noble2 friends in low places
Level3 dodge
noble4 Unwavering resolve
scoundrel1 point blank shot
Level6 a few maneuvers
scoundrel2 precise shot
Level9 quick draw
Deception +15
Gather Information +15
Initiative +13
Knowledge Bureaucracy +12
knowledge Galatic Lore +12
Perception +11
Persuasion +15
pilot +13
Possessions: 385500 starting credits

Name: Quis
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Description: Quis is a rough and ready to rumble hard female bodybuilder.
Background: Quis is from Nar Shadda and joined the exchange as a way out of the slums, quickly becoming a well sough after bodyguard and enforce, and after the attacks from the Brotherhood of Choas she joined with Seleece.
Personality and Skills: Quis is terse and can be a bit of a stick in the mud, but if the offer is from Seleece she is a sucker for pleasures, notably sweets.

Quis, CL 8
Medium Human Nonheroic9
Destiny 0; Force 0; Dark Side 0; XP 32000
Init +11; Senses - +11
Languages: Basic, Ryl, Binary
Defences: Ref 17 (flat-footed 15), Fort 16, Will 12, [Battle Armor, Light]
HP 56; Threshold 16
Speed 4 squares
Ranged: +8 Blaster Rifle, Heavy 3d10
Base Attack +6; Grapple +8
Abilities: base +lvl4+lvl8
str 13+0+0
dex 14+0+0
con 16+1+1
int 14+0+0
wis 14+0+0
cha 10
armor prof light
Skill training knowledge tactics
weapon pro rifle
Human Vehicular combat
level1 point blank shot
level3 precise shot
level6 rapid shot
level9 Weapon focus (Rifles)
+13 Endurance
+11 Initiative
+11 knowledge tactics
+11 Perception
+11 Pilot
Possessions: [your character's stuff]
Battle Armor
Blaster Rifle, Heavy

Name: Nora
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Species: Nautolan
Description: Nora, was found working for a small-time smuggler and lured away with the promise of better pay and workplace conditions. She has a vast intellect and hatred of idleness. As Seleece works the books, Quis protects, Nora keeps everything working and inspects and repairs the found goods to prepare them for resale. Her parents are Environmental contractors on Corellia whom she writes to often and visits any time they are in the system.

Nora, CL 8
Medium Human Nonheroic9
Destiny 0; Force 0; Dark Side 0; XP 32000
Init +; Senses - +
Languages: Basic, Nautila, Binary, Sullestese, Verpine, Mon Calmarie
Defences: Ref 13 (flat-footed 10), Fort 12, Will 10,
HP 29; Threshold 12
Speed 6 squares
Ranged: +9 Blaster Pistol 3d6
Base Attack +6; Grapple +9
Abilities: base +race+lvl4+lvl8
str 9+0+0+0
dex 16+0+0+0
con 10+2+0+0
int 18-2+1+1
wis 12-2+0+0
cha 10
Weapon Prof(Pistol)
Skill Focus (mechanics)
Armor Prof (light)
level1 Vehicular combat
level3 Tech Specialist
level6 Starship Designer (Starships of the Galaxy)
level9 Superior Tech Specialist (Starships)
+12 Initiative
+12 Pilot
+13 Knowledge(Technology)
+18 Mechanics
+14 Use Computer

Possessions: [your character's stuff]
Blaster Pistol
Tool Kit

I have a few more purchases to make, but mostly small stuff. Comlinks and such. She has a lot of working parts but I hope I got the math right and can show my work. I can also change from exchange to the black sun to just a smart investor or even a political background. But boiled down, she has a big ship for moving cargo, a middle ship for landing, can buy just about anything if we have the credits, can space combat in her X-wing, can ground combat with her minion and she is no slouch herself and has social skills and some knowledge skills that are unusual. A bit of a jack of all trades but then can easily slip around into whatever situation.

One thing to note is that with my skills I can easily sell items for full price instead of at half, and with a massive ship I will often be eager to loot everything that isn't welded down, and I can buy black market up to restricted with no increase and military at "only" times two. I used some superior tech upgrades as I assumed at this point I could be able to access such NPCs that might such feats.

Ok, let's do the maths here

Applying the hit-point maths, fractional base attack, and checking the feats and talents, all make sense, Seleece's statblock comes out at something like this.

Seleece (CL10)
medium Twi'lek Noble 5, Scoundrel 2, Crime Lord 3
Destiny 10; Force 11; Dark Side 0; XP 45000
Init +13 ; Senses Perception +11, low-light vision
Defences Ref 26 (flat-footed 22), Fort 23, Will 25 (+5 vs Deception & Persuasion)
HP 70; Threshold 23
Speed 6 squares
Melee +7 Unarmed (1d4+5)
Ranged +10 Heavy Blaster Pistol (3d8+5)
Base Attack +7; Grapple +10
Abilities Str 11 Dex 16 Con 12 Int 14 Wis 12 Cha 20
Talents Wealth, Connections, Born Leader, Illicit Dealings [TFU], Attract Minion, Inspire Fear 1 & 2
Feats A few Maneuvers [TotG], Dodge, Friends in Low Places [S&V], Linguist, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Unwavering Resolve, Vehicular Combat, Weapon Proficiencies (pistols, simple)
Skills Deception +15*, Gather Information +15, Initiative +13, Knowledge (Bureaucracy) +12, Knowledge (Galactic Lore) +12, Perception +11, Persuasion +15**, Pilot +13
*may re-roll, keeping second
** may re-roll to haggle on dodgy goods, keeping best
Possessions Argh, ye Gods! (Mostly kidding, but will address her stuff as we go along )

Ok, I didn't include the plus 2 attack bonus from Superior Tech-ing the pistol, because as I said, I want to address the gubbins separately.
You had character bonus feats being added at 5 and 7 rather than at 6 - that means Quick Draw or Sniper has to go. Personally, I'd recommend keeping Quick Draw as it feels like a better fit

Now... her stuff.
9800+10500+15500+20500+25500+30500+35500+40500+45500+50500=284300 credits
This could get messy.
So shipwise, you want a Medium Transport of some description, a YT Light Freighter, and an X-Wing? Eek.

Ok, I do like the idea of a rich social character who can fly a ship and has a bodyguard. It's not one I've had anyone do properly before.
The thing is, we're for sure going to have to do some brainstorming to get her to fit... but that's cool. When my brain is in gear I love brainstorming characters.

The point blank shot from scoundrel 1 is from multiclassing into it, not from leveling. Linguist is a noble starting feat as well. That should account for all my feats.

I do appear that I have done the math wrong on credits, and will need to cut back. I might drop down to just a YT and make it fancy rather than do the three craft.

My over all concept was to be one that would follow the party, picking up the pieces and turning a profit. Like most people have no use of ability to really sell a rack of blaster rifles and a dozen suits of armor, but I can. Also being able to work for pirates on the side, bringing them supplies and trading them for robbed valuables or things that have no value to pirates (Like that juicy target was laden with farming machines instead of riches).

Yes, I was accounting for class feats
Character level feats are 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 & 18. That's where the mistake was. You had them at 1, 3, 5, 7, & 9.
As I said, it's not a huge deal, just means Quick Draw or Sniper has to go until later

So, yeah... next thing to sort out is what makes sense regarding her allegiance (or lack thereof). I mean we should be able to make her work as an independent operator or attached to another power. Whatever we choose there would tie into why she's at Onderon/Dxun when the proverbial hits the fan.

Ah, too much time in pathfinder. I have removed sniper.

I think I will remove the transport and instead just have the one YT that is upgraded and made fancy. Much as I want my pocket carrier there no rush on getting it.

Is there a faction that you would prefer me to be attached to?

You could get a lot of mileage out of the Maka-Eekai L4000 Transport (Force Unleashed p119 & 120).

Waaaay back in the day, Torren Kast's player and I worked out a plan for how to get one to carry three fighters and act as a pretty decent combat transport. I still have the plan somewhere on my computer. Only thing was we pretty much had to fill in all the cargo space with components, and said fighters, so going the whole hog on that would impact on the "steal everything that isn't nailed down" plan

Anyways. If you want to keep her independent or attached to a particular criminal syndicate, I have a ready-made fringe group on Onderon that she could be in touch with (as the excuse for her to be there when things get messy). She could also be running supplies to the Mandalorians on Dxun. Like in KotOR2, they have an outpost there and like testing themselves against the monsters in the jungle.

Being attached to the Empire (at least in the sense of doing business rather than owing them anything, so more likely one of the corporations like CEC rather than the actual government) is also do-able. With a bit of work, we could come up with some appropriate business ties, which may in turn justify access to a larger ship.

Something similar could happen with the Alliance. They're no longer illegal but they are far and away the junior power. Onderon is an Alliance planet though, so a business relationship with the Alliance would garner better terms than one with the Empire.

I think I might work for the Alliance better, as much as being Imperial is tempting with the promise for bigger ships. She is not Alliance proper but works with them almost exclusively now. Early career was more fringe but now moving large cargoes through dangerous areas with no further escort than two fighters that she carries herself. Id drop the YT to afford it all, can just manage to get the (used) transport, and two (used) x-wings to escort.

Gah why did you have to tempt me with bigger ships!


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