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24 Hour Charity Gaming Live Stream!

24 Hour Charity Gaming Live Stream!

On August 18th starting at 8am CDT (UTC -5) the Myth Weavers staff is partnering with BurlyBeardGaming for a 24 hour video game live stream, where all proceeds go to the charity F*** Cancer! Details are on the event page, and giveaways are happening as well, including Steam game codes and a Nintendo Switch with a copy of Breath of the Wild!

Ongoing details may be found on the Facebook event page and below as Burly Bearded Gamer updates things.

DisclaimerYes, the charity name contains a 4 letter word that is normally not allowed on the site. We are making a one time allowance, because it's for one hell of a good cause.

Also, we are taking the ESRB stance when it comes to the live stream's audio. Online, off-site gaming chat will very likely not be family friendly.

Hey everyone!

I finally have time to give a proper update! Below you will find some information about the charity that is pertinent to how it is going to run!

Date/Time: Saturday August 18th 8AM CDT.
What: 24 hour streaming marathon of various games.
Possible Games: Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Diablo 3, Magic the Gathering: Arena, Torchlight 2, Rocket League, Skyrim or Fallout, World of Warcraft
Hourly Give Aways: Steam Game Codes totaling over 500.00 in value
Physical Prizes: Nintendo Switch & Breath of the Wild, Lord of the Rings Risk: Trilogy Edition, Final Fantasy Advent Children Blueray & Final Fantasy XIII Demo (Collectable), two hand made steel bottle openers and a 50.00 steam gift card!
Who is eligible to win Physical Prizes: Only US Viewers, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Reason: Shipping costs and possibility of charge backs for winners paying for shipping.
Please share the facebook post if at all possible!

Just to clarify, this is a video game streaming thing, not an RPG stream, right?

Regardless, looks like fun. Will definitely be tuning in when it happens.

That is correct @Actana. I would like to do an RPG thing but the logistics on that are much more difficult. I will be aiming for an RPG session for the next one that I run. Hopefully, again with the admin crew here!

Everyone, the live stream is in progress now! If you are so inclined, come support a worthy charity, and enjoy a bit of the show!

The schedule is as follows:

8am CDT - 12pm CDT - Super Hardcore Minecraft - Solo
12pm CDT - 5pm CDT - Stardew Valley - Morrigan Audio
5pm CDT - 7pm CDT - Diablo 3 Hardcore - Myth-Weavers Team
7pm CDT - 9pm CDT - World of Warcraft - Solo
9pm CDT - 12am CDT - Diablo 3 Hardcore - Myth-Weavers Team
12am CDT - 4am CDT - Misc Games - Priddle
4am CDT - 8am CDT - BurlyCraft - Solo

The Diablo 3 intermission will be due to a Weaving Myths episode, so feel free to join us for that!

Now that the dust has settled and BurlyBeardGaming has gotten some well deserved sleep...

Originally Posted by Nathan
Thank you to everyone who came out for the 24 hour livestream! Between all the participants and the absolutely amazing Myth Weavers community, we managed to raise $1,650 for charity! Over $550 of that was from Myth Weavers members, so thank you all again for being one of the best communities on the internet!

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