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Scions of Darkness

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Black Crusade

This is an all-human Black Crusade campaign about a band of individuals, bound by blood, traveling the Screaming Vortex and beyond to uncover the power of their shared heritage and foil those that would see them dead.

Expectations: Post a couple of times a week. Put a reasonable amount of effort into grammar, spelling, and syntax. Don't be a jerk. See the character creation thread for more.

You are a skilled individual plying your trade in the Screaming Vortex. Perhaps you are a recent arrival, a convert from the hated False Emperor, or maybe you were born here, with damnation as your birthright and no past in the hated Imperium. You make your own way, selling your talents with violence, words, or the Warp itself to various warbands, honoring the Dark Gods in whatever way suits you.

You have been summoned to the asteroid habitat orbiting the ruined planet of Kurse by the powerful daemon Dirnacus, offering information and its patronage in exchange for your service. Perhaps you eagerly sought out this opportunity and booked the first possible passage. Or you (smartly) regarded the offer with healthy suspicion, only to find fate aligning itself to bring you here regardless of your wishes.

You are here. Dirnacus is expecting you. It's time to discover your legacy, and the destiny that awaits.

Game Description:

Everyone in the Screaming Vortex knows the tale of Emerakar Nashal.

Emerakar Nashal, who began life as a slave among slaves, an orphan of the Corpse-Emperor's armies and a servant of the hated Inquisition. He was cast out from the Ordos for his radical ways, and fled to the Screaming Vortex.

Emerakar Nashal, who carved out his domain, and vowed to take revenge on those who had wronged him. He became a favorite of the Dark Pantheon, and wielded their blessings like a blade against his foes. Legions of daemons and the damned lived and died by his word.

Emerakar Nashal, who at the height of his power was betrayed by his lieutenants, left to die in an impossible battle against the Imperium at the onset of his unholy crusade. His diadochi squabbled over his empire, none powerful enough to take his place.

Most say he is gone, the capricious Four utterly shattering the spirit of their failed champion. Others say his warp ghost lives on, raging impotently at the incompetent fools who forestalled the reign of blood he would have brought to the Calixis Sector and beyond.

Though dead, Emerakar's shadow looms still. He is the standard to which all petty warlords and champions are compared. His kind of total dominion over the Screaming Vortex hasn't been seen since. Yet. Legacy is a powerful thing. Shared blood is a portentous omen in the nightmare realm of the Warp, where such things hold great significance. If his progeny could be found, they would be a force to be reckoned with...

... *ahem*
I mean, this pleases me!

I would be interested in playing this. I've made a few characters for Warhammer RPGs on here but non of the games have ever gone far so I don't really have any experience, is that OK? I know the WH:40k Lore fairly well and I've got other RPG experience though.

alas... 2500xp is nice... but still a thousand and one hundred shy of the various alternative versions in the tome books..

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