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Player Wanted

Fight for the Right to Live - Forum

The Story So Far
Silver Aegis: Taken prisoner and forced to fight in arena combat, six characters were able to survive their battles. Unfortunately, one of these characters was drawn into a fight, separated from the group he was put with and was slain in combat by the Crimson Shield. While this fight was taking place, the liberational group known as the Silver Aegis infiltrated the dungeons in which the prisoners were held. With the aid of a mysterious amulet, the liberators, the remaining 4 party members, and about 20 prisoners made their escape.

They are currently at the base of the Silver Aegis.

Crimson Shield: REDACTED

When the game started, each side had 6 players. Now, the Crimson Shield team is down to 5, and the Silver Aegis is at 4. That wasn't a typo above either. The player who "died" left the game after giving notice, whereas one member from each side hasn't been seen for some time now (Aug 27 and Sept 28); there has been no reply to any messages sent, so they are removed from game by default.

I'm looking for one player to join up with the Silver Aegis to even the numbers out. The numbers were raised to 6 just because I couldn't really leave those characters out.

The current class loadouts are: a pyromancer, barbarian, a healer of all colors, and a wizard. The lost players were a rogue and a cleric. The current races in the party are a lizardfolk, a human, a gnome, and an orc.

Character Creation Stuffs:
Character level 2, max HP, 200 gp worth of items, 2 traits(optional), any spellcasters must use mana(under the homebrew thread), races and classes don't really have a restriction unless they are homebrew materials, those need to be approved first. Sheets and any questions about the game and character creation go under the recruitment branch; I may have forgotten to mention something. Again. Please also read any background info about the world for a bearing of where your character comes from. It's still largely being built as we go along. If you are accepted, your character will be added in depending on where the group is in the adventure(either in the base or at their first objective).

Please also post any interest here on the ad so others can see it.

I look forward to playing with you

Sir Lord CrazyChimera VII, esq.

Game Description:

Kendara, a world filled with many different types of life: humans, elves, orcs, dwarves, and many more. However, on the mass continent of Ezidara, in the land of Imprei, trouble has been brewing. A mad king with the goal of enslaving any and all races that are not human has overthrown the lord of the realm and named himself king. Now, he seeks to take control of the other realms of Imprei before he moves on to the neighboring continents. Already he has claimed hold of three realms; two by choice, one by force. His royal decree to them all was to round up anyone who wasn't human and imprison them for judgement. Anyone who hadn't fled and had been caught were either sentenced to a variety of types of slavery, incarceration, or death. He has named his city, as well as his army, the Crimson Shield.

Meanwhile, a small resistance group is being amassed, called the Silver Aegis, made up of any of the races not afraid to fight the madness. The leader is said to be a young tiefling with a vendetta against the mad king. Even some humans are allied with them.

Tread carefully in the Chimera's den
I'm interested. I see there's a perceived need for a skill monkey. So what do I do next?

You probably want to list the stuff that you've already allowed or disallowed, to avoid confusion. I recall from the original ad that you ruled out Path of War and some other stuff, and most folks won't go through the giant Q&A thread for this ad.

Posting interest as a half-elf summoner. I couldn't find the mana system; all I saw in the homebrew thread was the Witcher class.

EDIt: Never mind, I should get some sleep. I was looking in the additional info section, and missed the homebrew thread in the main section. My bad.

I am also interested. I have a couple different character ideas which I can change to fit more effectively into the setting.

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