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Diamond Dogs

Diamond Dogs - Forum
World of Darkness

Diamond Dogs
80's Stylized Military-Espionage-Action-Scifi-Thriller

"You're all diamonds"

Duties & Responsibilities

Welcome to Diamond Dogs, soldier!

Diamond Dogs, formerly known as Militaires Sans Frontières, is a private military company. While being an independent military, Diamond Dogs still strives by seven core military values - Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Courage, Selflessness, Integrity and Honor. Although job responsibilities vary by assignment, these core values apply to every soldier, regardless of job or rank.

Soldiers are expected to display maturity and discipline in handling emergency and crisis situations. All soldiers must be able to exercise good judgment and tact in dealing with subordinates, and civilians they may encounter in the field. Work in these positions will involve an element of danger requiring the soldier to be constantly aware of changing situations and to be adaptable to these changes.

The Setting and Rules

Diamond Dogs is set in an alternate Metal Gear universe using various sources as inspiration be it the games themselves or novelizations, both canon and spin-offs. Other sources such as GI Joe also serve as inspiration to the feel and theme of the game. Any and all NPC characters, locations, and references mentioned within are registered trademarks of Konami Digital Entertainment, Hasbro Inc, Marvel Entertainment, IDW Publishing, Sunbow Entertainment, etc. Use of any historical figures, both living and/or dead, or countries have been fictionalized for story gaming purposes.

For those familiar with the series, the events of MGS3 - Snake Eater and Peace Walker have occurred. Both are mostly considered canon for the story here. Though not generally considered canon, some parts of MGS - Portable Ops will be picked to be used, and a majority of the events in MGSV - The Phantom Pain are accurate. A few changes however will be made, and I will happily explain those as we get further into the application process as needed or into the game itself. The events of Metal Gear (1987) or any events thereafter have yet to occur. If you are NOT familiar with the series you are still welcome to apply, a brief rundown of the events thus far can be handled by reading though the mentioned titles on the the Metal Gear Wikia.

The game makes use of the NWoD Storyteller system by White Wolf, Inc with a few minor house rules. Please note again this is Pre-God Machine/Chronicles of Darkness rule set. Most of said house rules will be those noted in various NWoD supplements such as Mirrors and Armory: Reloaded. Players do not need any understanding of real world military procedures and/or policy. I have prior military service, and I work for the police department in real life, as well as being a qualified EMT. I am happy to explain anything that is grossly done in error so we can have it corrected. Otherwise a lot of things will be hand waved for the sake of plot and entertainment value. If you are unfamiliar with the NWoD ruleset, you can download a free PDF of the base rules from *here*


Please post applications *here*
  • Name/Codename
  • Nationality
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Background
  • Character Sheet

Game Description:

Diamond Dogs
80's Stylized Military-Espionage-Action-Scifi-Thriller

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Seems like I'm going to learn a new system soon. Darn you, interesting and recognizable game settings that I want to play in.

I'm so sorry about the dog, my cat recently had seizures and I know how terrifying it can be to see your pet starting to do something and you have no idea what's going on. It's also just flat out freaky to watch, and very concerning. My cat luckily had some kind of simple imbalance in her diet which lead to an infection, and in like a month the problems went away and never came back due to the medicine and making sure she was fed better. She's also old so that contributes as well.

I hope everything turns out alright. My cat-babies are like family to me, so I know animal stresses can be tough. :/

Unfortunately, I'm rationalizing my game count, so won't be applying this time.

You are welcome to tag along as a reader if you like. In the event an opening comes about, it certainly makes it easier for you to jump into things.

Additionally. Given the slow pace of applications, I'll likely be closing the game ad earlier than posted unless I get a unexpected surge in interested players.

Alright, given the slow movement on things, I'm going to close the ad for submissions on the 20th. Anyone with an app already posted will be fine. But no new apps will be accepted after at that point. From those in before the cutoff I'll allow tinkering with characters until the original cut off of the 27th before I make final selections. Given I have over six applications now, you'll are actually gonna make me work and fill people's lives with disappointment.

I will be closing the game ad around midnight, EST. So just a bit shy of around 12 hours from now.


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