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Gotham's Finest - Rebirth

Other actual bits about the planning -

Slightly tweaking the base core skills. Adding a few, renaming a few for thematic reasons, etc.

Wiki will be in use.

Looking to likely have the forums knocked over the next week or two.

So I'd imagine an actual ad hopefully around the time my other game is done with its application process. Though I will warn people ahead of time. I expect to only take a small group (3-4) people to start. Assuming things go smooth and I grasp the mechanics quickly enough I can look to grab another couple people.


for reference is Bludhaven considered it's own city, or lumped into the Gotham City Metropolitan Area? Just wondering if PC's would have jurisdiction there (and if Nightwing villains would possibly show up).

Bludhaven is considered its own separate city. Nothing to say however that characters from other rogue's galleries might not wander in. Given there is no Batman to dissuade them otherwise.

Here's a couple of the rough maps I'm working with. Give you an idea of the layout and Bludhaven's proximity.

Looking good!

I feel really dumb for never realizing in all my years of Batman following, from being snuck a Batman trade to keep me quiet at a wedding when I was four, to today more than twenty years later, that Gotham City was a series of islands modeled somewhat after New York.

I always assumed it was located in New Jersey!

Would we be able to involve established npcs into our characters? Like say me for example who would want to be involved in Harvey Bullock's clique of dirty cops.

And when were you thinking for launching this bad boy?

I have no issues with the characters having backgrounds that involve certain established NPCs from the lore (within reason). The characters will be Detectives with the GCPD, so they will likely have had run-ins with multiple other officers/detectives from the Batman-mythos, as well as other characters depending on their origins. Montoya, Sawyer, Bullock, Allen, Driver, Essen, whatever others you can think of.

Once ** the Wiki ** is a bit more setup, I'll have some names you can likely pull from in the creation process comparative just involving the other PCs

As for Gotham's geographical location, yes its generally considered as part of New Jersey as part of canon. But its also generally a mish-mash of New York or Chicago when it comes to design. I generally went with the maps from the Arkham games and kinda mashed them together. End result is what you get. It'll be East Coast, New Jersey area with some handwaving on proximity to New York and other surrounding areas.

As for launch window for the ad. Probably around Halloween. Give or take a day/two

Would you be alright with transfer officers from other cities, or would prefer PC's be Gotham natives?

Transfer is fine. The whole "fish out of water" especially in a city like Gotham can provide a lot of plot as they likely realize they are in over their head compared to wherever they came from.

Heads up for anyone still paying attention to this - I'll likely be looking to post up a game ad coming up here sometime between Friday evening and the start of Monday depending on my schedule and when I can sit down and finish typing it up.

Great to hear! I've got a general outline for what I have in mind, but I'll save that discussion for when the gates formally open.


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