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Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

Hi, hi

Hi, hi

Hi, hi everyone. I'm Sir. You can call me Sir. I play D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder. I have been playing for almost 30 years. New to PbP but the only way to learn is to dive on in.

Good Morning and welcome. Pathfinder and 3,5 are 2 of our most popular games. There are games recruiting all the time. The downside of this, is most games get 10-20, or more applications to play in them. Don't get discouraged at this!

If you are new to PBP, I would definitely suggest checking out the New to Play-by-Post thread, and the Myth-Weavers Site Rules.

Make sure to poke around the site a the other places, besides the Games & Ads. Get involved in conversations about game systems you know, ask about game systems you don't know about. Check out our Discord server...which is also a great place to meet up with people and see other games being posted.

Most important...have fun!

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