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Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

Here to be weird and chew bubblegum

Here to be weird and chew bubblegum

And I'm all out of gum.
And it makes my jaw click so I avoid it

Hi everybody, I'm incredibly awkward at starting things like this, but still, whatever, hey, hello, hi.
I know, basically nothing about Dungeons and Dragons stuff but a lot of my friends like really like it and I messed around with it some and it seems fun so far. One of them sent me this site to look at some stuff and I thought I might as well like do stuff here and get involved if I'm gonna be on here

I don't know if these sorts of posts are supposed to be personal posts or what information I'm supposed to or should add just so people know me on this, so if you want or need to know anything, just ask, I'll be willing to answer pretty much anything.

For just like about the game stuff, I'm still learning just be reading, but I hope to have lots of fun here.
I'm still a little lost on some of the things here, but I think that just with time I'll figure it out, and I'm always open to learning, I hope to see some of you around on other things atleast!

You are wrong.
When the number of commas becomes superfluous and renders the sentence grammatically incorrect, that is when there is enough commas.
Or too many, in this case.

Probably! But I like commas and usually I write by saying it in my head and writing commas where I pause, sorry if it's clunky.

Welcome beeyourself, no need to be shy, we don't bite. Check out the forums and read up a little. If you have questions just ask. Hopefully you will be gaming in no time!

Welcome to the site, don't be too dragged down by the grammar police. I've seen a lot of worse grammar trust me.

Anyways what version of D&D have you dipped into, both 3.5e and 5e are popular and see quite a few games pop up

He's a friend of mine and he's just teasing, no worries

Basically the only thing I've dipped into like actually doing is like this roleplaying basically made up rules with some friends I think was based on 5e, just cause its really simple I think and thats what I was told.
I was reccomended pathfinder because I was said that it was complex but that they found it the most fun, and I was reading a lot about it and made like test character sheets of fake characters I played in the other ones, but I havent really played anything for real or systems like that, pathfinder looks really interesting to me though

Hello! There's all kinds of games being played here. Have a look at the game forums and see which games are recruiting. Happy gaming!

Good Morning, @beeyourself! And welcome! Knowing all the rules isn't necessary. Wanting to play is! We've got games from all different genres and systems.

We have D&D games going on in every edition. 3.5, 5E and PF are the most popular, and garner a lot of applications! But they also have new games coming up frequently, so if you don't get in right away, keep trying.

You may want to review the information found in the New to Play-by-Post thread, and the Myth-Weavers Site Rules.

Make sure to poke around the site a the other places, besides the Games & Ads. Make sure you review the individual games' character creation guidelines, as many GMs will only allow certain options, and require additional information in your application.

Get involved in conversations about game systems you know, ask about game systems you don't know about. Check out our Discord server...which is also a great place to meet up with people and see other games being posted.

Please feel free to ask questions you may have. We're a friendly bunch. Most of all, have fun!!!


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