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24 Hour Charity Gaming Live Stream!

24 Hour Charity Gaming Live Stream!

On August 18th starting at 8am CDT (UTC -5) the Myth Weavers staff is partnering with BurlyBeardGaming for a 24 hour video game live stream, where all proceeds go to the charity F*** Cancer! Details are on the event page, and giveaways are happening as well, including Steam game codes and a Nintendo Switch with a copy of Breath of the Wild!

Ongoing details may be found on the Facebook event page and below as Burly Bearded Gamer updates things.

DisclaimerYes, the charity name contains a 4 letter word that is normally not allowed on the site. We are making a one time allowance, because it's for one hell of a good cause.

Also, we are taking the ESRB stance when it comes to the live stream's audio. Online, off-site gaming chat will very likely not be family friendly.

Hey everyone!

I finally have time to give a proper update! Below you will find some information about the charity that is pertinent to how it is going to run!

Date/Time: Saturday August 18th 8AM CDT.
What: 24 hour streaming marathon of various games.
Possible Games: Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Diablo 3, Magic the Gathering: Arena, Torchlight 2, Rocket League, Skyrim or Fallout, World of Warcraft
Hourly Give Aways: Steam Game Codes totaling over 500.00 in value
Physical Prizes: Nintendo Switch & Breath of the Wild, Lord of the Rings Risk: Trilogy Edition, Final Fantasy Advent Children Blueray & Final Fantasy XIII Demo (Collectable), two hand made steel bottle openers and a 50.00 steam gift card!
Who is eligible to win Physical Prizes: Only US Viewers, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Reason: Shipping costs and possibility of charge backs for winners paying for shipping.
Please share the facebook post if at all possible!

Just to clarify, this is a video game streaming thing, not an RPG stream, right?

Regardless, looks like fun. Will definitely be tuning in when it happens.

That is correct @Actana. I would like to do an RPG thing but the logistics on that are much more difficult. I will be aiming for an RPG session for the next one that I run. Hopefully, again with the admin crew here!

Everyone, the live stream is in progress now! If you are so inclined, come support a worthy charity, and enjoy a bit of the show!

The schedule is as follows:

8am CDT - 12pm CDT - Super Hardcore Minecraft - Solo
12pm CDT - 5pm CDT - Stardew Valley - Morrigan Audio
5pm CDT - 7pm CDT - Diablo 3 Hardcore - Myth-Weavers Team
7pm CDT - 9pm CDT - World of Warcraft - Solo
9pm CDT - 12am CDT - Diablo 3 Hardcore - Myth-Weavers Team
12am CDT - 4am CDT - Misc Games - Priddle
4am CDT - 8am CDT - BurlyCraft - Solo

The Diablo 3 intermission will be due to a Weaving Myths episode, so feel free to join us for that!

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