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Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

A New Player has appeared!

A New Player has appeared!

Hi everyone! I'm totally new to the site and to Play by Post and honestly, at first glance, it's a little overwhelming!
I've played a little bit of Lost Mines of Phandelvar in 5e, but struggle to find a group IRL so here I am!

Welcome @KVaidya! Play by post can certainly be intimidating at first glance, we were all there at the beginning. We have a New to Play by Post guide to give a bit of help, and if you have specific questions you can ask in Gaming Discussion or check out our Official Discord if you want some faster discussion.

Welcome @KVaidya! As @Colin mentioned, there are some great resources for getting a handle on how PBP works.

The biggest differences between BPB and tabletop and BP, are that, in PBP, your entire group is not online at the same time. Everyone logs in when they can and posts when they can. This can be a good thing as it gives you time to craft your post, carefully thinking out your actions, and reading up on how certain things work. But, it also can be a bad thing if you don't know up front that you aren't going to play a module in 5 hours. Five WEEKS maybe... if everyone is very engaged.

That brings up another pitfall of PBP. players, and sometime the GM, sometimes will disappear without notification. Sometimes they will appear again after weeks, months or years. Sometimes you never see them again. It especially sucks when it is your GM and you just finished building your characters. But it does happen. Sometimes it is because life interferes, sometimes it is because people don't realize how long it takes to play a game in PBP.

5E is one of our most popular games, and yes, there is fierce competition to get into games. You will often see 10-20 applications for one game. Some advice, read the GM Character Creation Guidelines carefully. Also, look at the other characters being submitted...if you got 17 clerics being submitted, you may want to not play a cleric!

Another option is to jump into one of the Adventurer League Games. They are first come first play.

As Colin mentioned, we have a Discord channel. It is also a great way to chat with people, get to know the community, and possibly find a game.

Most of all have fun. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Check out all the other parts of our forum. Jump into conversations you know about. Ask about game systems you don't know about. Being visible, and posting on other topics will help you build a reputation, and may turn into another option for a game.

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