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Had to clear space to be able to fully download the update. But now it is only taking up 1.7GB on my android cell. Much less than it had in past. (Pretty sure was over 3 in the past.)

I like this Brawl.

Pick 4 Cards. Opponent Bans one of yours (and you Ban one of their 4) and the rest of your decks are those 3 you picked for yourself. I've always wished there was a Mode (or in Standard or Wild) where you could Ban a Class the way they do in Tournaments. (I get not simple, lot of implications.) This is sort of that.

I will admit to not being incredibly creative and going Mana Wyrm, Flamewaker, Frost Bolts, Primordial Glyphs. (Figured I'd better have 2 spells so they couldn't just Ban the one.) First foe, Druid, banned Flamewaker and I had a Mana Wyrm (even at 2 mana) run wild with Frostbolts in support. Second foe, Rogue, banned Mana Wyrm. I set up some Glyphs for cheap spells for my first Flamewaker (turn 4) and they had Left. (I Banned their - shuffle 3 of a card into their deck.)

Since the update I keep getting crashes on my Iphone. I'll be mid game and the client just shuts off.

Haven't had that on my Android but sorry to hear for you


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