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Priest Hero card. I agree with Regis - seems the strongest and most likely Hero card to see play / a lot of play.

Regis video that includes it and starts with it

Shadow Reaper Anduin
8 cost. destroy all 5 attack minions. 5 armor

hero power becomes deal 2 dmg. refresh when you play a card

Regis about Wailing Felhound. bad card. he doesn't think Treachery will work with it consistently enough (two cards to wait for at least turn 6 for - and need set up for). with spreading madness - 3 card 9 mana play. hard to pull off. (unlikely to be only minion in play). 'no real place to see play'. too risky, even for discard decks to run. 'one of worst cards in set'.

I don't think it's good, I just think it will really annoy people when it works mostly.

I can't see it seeing play except as a super hate-card in some niche handlock matchup.

One day someone will do this to you in arena and it will be absolutely infuriating though.

Oh I agree. Heck some might Concede at Turn 9 or so if it got played and then Treachery and... (Concede)

*And... Then I get tired of losing to Mage as mid / aggro Paladin. And switch back to full jade, anti weapon Shaman.

That's part of what bugs me so much that Alextraza hasn't been moved to Hall of Fame yet. Mage doesn't NEED it to be viable. They can win without it with their non full on freeze control. He's just the - Even if had a bad start and have done zero dmg to the opponent. Alex them in half and still win (sometimes even if they heal after). Blah good times

Alextrasza's place in freeze mage is specifically so you don't have to worry about dealing face damage, just stall the game until she comes out and nuke then. You don't even have to save the nukes that started in your deck since Cabalist's Tome, Babbling Book, and Primordial Glyph will let you pump all the extra spells you need on their own. Doubly so if you follow Alexstrasza with Antonidas, or vice versa. Pump your hand up with fireballs, set their health, then nuke their face with the most insufferably boring and annoying combo in the game. Suffice to say, I have no love for freeze mage, either playing as or against.

Very true, and I think as you seem to agree, full on freeze has had enough play. It's about the epitome of non interactive builds.

First, just want to chime in with 'screw freeze mage' crowd. Deck can rot in wild for the rest of time as far as im concerned.

Next, Malfurion and Uther released. Malfs effect is interesting and probably decent enough to fit in ramp or jade druid. Partly because it's good, and partly because 7 Mana cards usually aren't great.

Uther though... Wow. Honestly I think it's good enough to fit in most paladin decks even if all it's hero power did was summon a 2/2.

I mean realistically most games it might as well, but the death clock certainly feels a lot more exciting in practice.

I have my doubts that the new win condition Uther dk presents would actually be doable with any consistency but uther is still good. 5/3 weapon with lifesteal is really good. Summoning 2/2s that can't be ignored is also really good.

I'm sure someone will manage some silly Beardo type play that causes an otk with this.

I doubt it will ever be more than a tertiary win condition in whatever deck it's in (if you can't deal with 2/2s for effectively three turns the paladin probably has the board and is never giving it back anyway).

However what they are is a soft taunt tied to a hero power, which is very useful for gaining on the control matchup.

If bubbledin ever becomes a thing I can see constantly bubbling these up as a way to force your opponent to run out of steam.

Ya, seems mediocre but interesting and I like the flavor of it

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