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Welcome to Erstwire!

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Welcome to Erstwire!

Erstwire - Forum
Pokemon Tabletop Adventures

The boat had left from Kanto a full week prior, yet it still had yet to have reached it's destination. The ships captain glanced at his pocket watch then up at the stars. It had been a full month waiting for the right star alignment to pass into Erstwire, but it was worth it due to the pay, and the very extended vacation for himself and the crew. While he had never much been into training pokemon himself, he could see why the trainers on board would want to risk passing through a time-space wrinkle in the middle of the ocean to explore a new region and he quietly envied them.

Checking his pocket watch again he turned to 6 degrees North North East just as energy fields begin to warp around the ship. Well, if it goes wrong, at least they wont ever realize it.

The world of pokemon, full of amazing pokemon and adventure! But there is not just one world for trainers to adventure in. After the events of Pokemon White, a rift began to open in the ocean a weeks travel south of the Kanto region. When scientists set out to explore the rift, the last thing they'd expect to find was a new region on the other side. Now, under certain constelations, ships can travel through the rift to the new region.

Character Creation

Look down this link: http://www.myth-weavers.com/showthread.php?t=185229
It has all you need.

Note: we are using the 1.31 beta version.

What the character know
All the character know about this new region is of the Town they are about to arrive in and the more important people of the town. None of the players are starting out for the first time and native from this new region. They can be from any region currently explored though, including non-canon areas shown in the movies and anime.

Posting availability
Mon, Tues & Fri: All day
Wends, Thurs, Sat, Sun: When ever I wake up until 12 PM EST

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yay friends! I instantly befriend you!

MadHatter uses attract! It's super effective!

I am posting interest, will mull over my options, but I'm thinking something focused on combat performance more than pokedex completion.

Speaking from experience, the actual ace trainers tend to overshadow their non-ace trainer peers in a fight, and while Heiko will eventually be able to do silly things with berries and combat stages, that's a looooong way off. (And not at all restricted to her own pokemon incidentally)

Hoo boy, the kind of difference it makes is huge, Shin had a shitty strategy and team build, very simplistic (attack attack attack, use dragon type so only steel resists it, screw super-effectiveness), and he still overshadowed the other characters with the pure numbers he tossed out at people.

Saw this the other day, thought I'd think it over and I believe I have a concept. I'll make an application if a slot is still open.

Got about 2 weeks until I make my decisions, so plenty o time.

I be interested yes I be

Dejoker nice to have you aboard buddy. I instantly befriend you. You should call sometime I miss you... *Huggs*

What type of mons can we pick for our starter two, cause I was thinking about a Treecko, a Riolu, a Torchic something like that... I'm assuming I wouldn't be allowed a Scyther as a starter.


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