Hildebrand Hertz (In Progress)

  • Hildebrand Fred Hertz
  • Date of birth: 11/10/30
  • Place of birth: Leipzig, German Reich
  • Personality
  • Nationality - German Democratic Republic (GDR)
  • [spoiler="Background"] Originally born in Leipzig during the waning years of the period many would later call the "Weimar Republic", Hildebrand's family was forced to flee east after Adolf Hitler began arresting members of the German Communist Party. His parents feared being imprisoned or worse for their membership in the party so instead sought political refuge in the more welcoming Soviet Union.

    They were granted entry and allowed to take refuge in a small apartment in the city of Leningrad. There they were able to create a fairly stable home for Hildebrand to grow up in. His father was given a job in a major factory. Everything seemed to be fine, until 19
  • Where they live in the UK; this will be important for the opening thread.
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