Lord Nathaniel Haven

Lord Haven is a 57 year old experienced fighter and explorer. He lives for adventure, and will probably keep on exploring until his last days. He is a strong and well-built man, and the years that show in his wrinkled face and white hair are but a shadow on his posture and presence. When he speaks he is calm and polite, but will quickly become enthusiastic, and even boisterous when talking about past adventures, or when planning a new one.

He is a man detached from wealth and money, and although he enjoys good wine and a fine meal, he is as happy sharing his food and talking with the guards in the guild’s main hall as hhe is at an exquisite banquet with the nobility. He won’t spend much time in Haven Cross; only enough to rest and heal his wounds, and to plan for his next adventure.

He is respected by the townsfolk and is considered to be the highest authority figure and responsible for the law in Haven Cross. He will judge and decide the fate of criminals. He admires courage, resilience and honor.

He carries a magical long sword, the “True Companion”. Only his closest friends know about its magic properties. The powers of the sword gave Lord Haven a reputation of always knowing when somebody is telling the truth or lying. Most townsfolk and guards believe and spread the rumor, and will advise absolute honesty when speaking to their lord.

Never lie to him.