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Xelron, Hell Knight Commander

Okay, sorry for the delay. We actually had a surprisingly thorough discussion about this, and here's what the moderators decided on for various points of the chain devil mechanics:
  • The chain devil's natural-weapon chains count as manufactured weapons for enhancement purposes. So, the chains can be masterworked and take enhancements normally, and aren't enhanced by a necklace of natural weapons.
  • A chain devil may use any chain he wants with his Dancing Chains ability, including dragon chains with magical enhancements.
  • The chain devil can take a standard action to toss a chain into a nearby square, or a full-round action to toss multiple chains into multiple squares (up to the number of chains he can control with Dancing Chains).
  • Which of these two options would you prefer? We were all ambivalent on it, so we'll let you decide:
    1. The chain devil takes a standard action to make
      or whatever number you've reached in your progression
      four chains within range each take one of
      make a single attack
      move up to the chain devil's base land speed
      extend up to the maximum length (when you get to this point in the progression)
      these actions
    2. The chain devil takes a standard action to make
      or whatever number you've reached in your progression
      four chains within range each make a single attack. Each chain may also take a 5-ft step either before or after its attack (the chains cannot move otherwise).
  • Each round he attempts to control chains around him, a creature holding one or more of the chains can make a Will save to prevent the effect. On a success, the chain devil can't target that chain again for 24 hours. If a chain is involved in a grapple with a opponent, there is a 50% chance each round that the opponent counts as holding the chain, and can therefore make a Will save to break the devil's control. If he succeeds, the control over that chain is broken, but the opponent now counts as entangled, and must still take a standard action to untangle himself.
  • The chain devil can extend a chain to its maximum length as a swift action. It remains extended until the end of combat (or for a couple minutes outside of combat).
  • The chain devil can treat the threatened areas of any chains within Dancing Chains range as his own threatened areas for the purposes of AoOs, and he may use any such chains to make his AoOs, but he is still limited to his usual number of AoOs each round.

I think you've pretty much addressed everything else, so if you're good with this, then I can stamp him approved in a bit.


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