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An Investigation [Shiho, Yuu, Maomi, Miku]

Maomi nodded slightly at the President's words "Yea..." her reply vague and non-commital, still honestly not sure where she lay on the issue. Although at least she knew it was on the cards still, for what it was worth.

At Yuu's words however a complicated expression grew on her face "Not especially..." trailing off before siging and frowning, taking the moment to defelcted by focusing on the latter half of the girls words "...your not supposed to be abusing your powers, and you sure you should be saying that right in front of her" a hand waving off in the Prez's general direction to specificy who exactly she ment

:: :: :: ::

"...then what's the point in having power?" She gives a playful grin before noticing Maomi's expression - and the fact she hadn't answered her question. "You aren't sighing up though so... I mean who else is gonna stop me abusing my power if not you, right?" Her smile wavers just a little as she looks around the room. "You, me and Miku - it'll be fun, yeah?"

:: :: :: ::

"I figured you'd be old enough to be resposible for once" Maomi deadpan snarks back at Yuu at trying to convine her to join just by suggesting she had to be around to keep her in-line. She does give Yuu a small smile though when she brings up that it might be fun but still shakes her head "Might be...but I dunno, I might think about it" that non-commital tone returned as Maomi took an absent look at her copy of the papers on the table before pushing them aside.

:: :: :: ::

Being about as subtle as Yuu usually is she leans over and prods the papers back in front of Maomi, all the while pretending like she wasn't. "Would... would I help if I asked you to sign up? I kinda thought this would be more fun with the three of us doing it, you know?" She gives a awkward smile and chuckles slightly, glancing back to Miku for a moment. "I mean we did sort kill a giant worm metaphysical together... that was pretty fun yeah? Maybe hang out with frien... with, err, each other and sort out junk around here, right?"

:: :: :: ::

Maomi's expression ran the gamut from conflicted, annoyed, unneasy and eventually softening and this time not pushing the papers away. "Just...let me see how this meeting goes down, okay?" she turned to look at Yuu as she replied to the girls efforts and turns back to the council president "It's fine if I sign this later rather than right this instant?" she asked for clarification there wasn't some dire need for her to get this paper work out of the way before the meeting starts.

:: :: :: ::

When Maomi had asked her question, Garrow-san was in the process of rubbing her eyes, staving off the dark circles underneath them that only seemed more prominent with her glasses removed, glasses you don't recall having seen her with the first time you met her. She takes a few moments before she responds, replacing the glasses on her face and replaying the last few moments of the conversation under her breath. "That's... fine, Wakahisa-san," she finally replied, though in a tone more of resignation rather than genuine agreement. "Your cooperation is ultimately more important than your involvement with the Council. Recruitment was more a means to an end in that regard... Giving your work a bit more credibility..." She shook her head, letting the matter stay where it lie.

She looked at the other papers in her folder, shaking her head slightly as she said "I'll see about approaching the others privately... See if they're still willing to cooperate..." Though once more shaking her head to set the matter aside, she closed the folder and pushed it to the side.

"And we'd appreciate that you not take advantage of the position you'll be given, Morimoto-san. Your title is only probationary for the time being, to be removed if you abuse it. Though if you are willing to cooperate and be responsible, then you can potentially expect your status and authority to grow with it."

"...not even a little abuse of power? For fun reasons?" Yuu gives Maomi a small nudge, trying to get a smile out of the rather serious looking girl before shaking her head with a small sigh. "...fine fine. I promise I won't abuse anyone with my power." What was even the point of power if you weren't going to have fun with it?

"So..." Drumming her hands on the table for a moment Yuu looks back to the President. "I assume this wasn't just a check up, right? You got something you needed up to do?"

:: :: :: ::

Maomi frowned a little at the Prez's actions, was everything really that bad? It was hard to imagine this was the same person who ran this meeting last time. There was a stab of guilt when the realisation hit that she wasn't making the girls life any eaiser...likely actually complicating it further at the moment.

Yuu receieved a nudge back for her troubles and a small shake of her head, not agreeing with the timing or the topic at hand ...So its obvious something isn't all right. Whats changed? Maomi prodded gently, trying to keep the conversation moving and her words polite. She certainly was aware her own attitude was part of the problem last time so she was trying to keep herself on the level as much as possible to see how this all went down. Maybe the problem was all on her this time.

:: :: :: ::


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