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A Call to the Office [Rona, Rose, Katsuo, Hideo]


HP: 40/40 | END: 40/40
3 for non-Spellings
4 | DEF: 2 | DX: 1/2

Rona scowls in a corner, before sighing and following Rose, pausing at the door and looking back. "I won't lie for you, Kiyoemo-sensei. If I am asked directly, I will not make up something to cover for you. I detest lying, and even the small amounts I've done until now have left a sour taste in my mouth."

She sighs again. "But I won't go around telling people just because. I'm going to go see if Rose is okay."

And with that, she walks out, following Rose.


Defense: 3d6 ll Attack: 4d6 ll Dx: 1 ll Health: 40/40 ll Endurance: 40/40

Hideo Jiichirō
Hideo raises an eyebrow towards Rose when she leaves but doesn't comment, when Rona leaves he can't help but snicker a bit as she leaves. "She's a self righteous isn't she?" his sarcasm dripping through. "So posh and white knightish really. Doesn't mind herself breaking rules, but when it comes to lying. Oh no." He turns to sensei and runs his hand through his hair. "Look sensei I don't really care either way, like I said it's not my place to say. But if you do want to offer some of help. Honestly training us in our spelling is pretty much what I could say. Extra lessons and effort would be good."

Rosario d'Arc
Defense: 3d6 ll Attack: 4d6 ll Dx: 1
Health: 40/40 ll Endurance: 40/40

If not stopped, Rosario would continue to make her way directly to the Principal's office.



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