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Ch 3b: Foul Mouths and Pure Hearts (Amara, Vin)

Amara Speros
Amara was smiling at Vincenzio. She enjoyed listening to tales and quietly absorbed his with patience, seemingly unperturbed by his long-winded prose. It seemed that Vin could easily lose himself in his memories - but Amara knew from experience that one learned much if one was willing to wait and listen.

Then Vin seemed to come out of his reverie. Amara wondered if he was simply out of practice with his manners - or if he had never been particularly good at them and knew it. Nonetheless, she was hardly offended. She had wanted to learn more about her companion, and he had graciously complied. So she turned her warm, gentle smile on him.

"Oh, I was recruited into the Oracle's service by a man named Vasile Vidraru. I met him a couple years ago when he happened to cross my path while fleeing a pack of armsmen. I did not know what was going on, but I reflexively came to his aid, using my magic to drive off his attackers. My family gave him shelter while he recovered, and he invited me to travel with him to meet the Oracle. Well, I had never been outside of my city-state of Kyparssi so I was eager to go. I ended up aided Vasile in a number of minor missions over the next year or so."

"I encountered Thibault only a few months ago in Amonbar. He and Vasile already knew each other - and we were thrown together on a diplomatic assignment. Thibault and I became friends then. I learned a few words in Arbonnaise from him - beautiful language really. And he seemed quite fond of my music. Well, the mission went badly and Thibault and I got separated from Vasile and had to fight to escape the city and flee to Pozvonia. It was quite the harrowing affair, but fortunately Thibault is very skilled with his blade. I lost track of who saved who how many times during our flight. We did eventually meet back up with Vasile, but Thibault had decided he needed a bit of a break and was heading home to Arbonne. So Vasile and I returned to the Oracle to report on the mission."

"I was finishing one of my rare solo mission in Dalmatia when the Oracle directed me here to Benecia. It has been good to see Thibault again - he is always such charming company."

She paused, walking in companionable silence next to Vin for a bit longer and listening to the music of the canal waters. "I hope you get the chance to visit the Cobarian cities one day. Perhaps when this affair is complete, you can join me when I return to Kyparssi. You would be welcome in my family's home." Then she seemed to remember something Vin had mentioned earlier.

"Oh! And you said something about 'new philosophical ideas.' Pray, what is that about?"

Vincenzio di Milano

Vin gives Amara a curious, shrewd look, as if he's assessing her more closely than he has before. After a moment or two, he shrugs and answers the question.

"My abilities are druidic in nature, so to speak" he says. "But I don't think, or work, like other druids do. They make a distinction between what is 'natural' and what is made by folk. I don't. If a beaver dam is natural, if a termite mound is natural, if a beehive is natural, then a city is, too. Cities are teeming with life, and that life is no less worthy of protection and admiration in my estimation," he continues, gaining steam and talking more animatedly as he goes on.

"Tearing down the walls of civilization is no way to go about protecting nature. It's the way people are meant to live. It just needs to be...harmonized, I suppose, with other living systems like forests, fields, and oceans," He shakes his head and sighs gustily. "This is not a popular viewpoint, so these days, I mostly keep it to myself. I appreciate your interest, though."

His gaze wanders from Amara, watching the shadows and waters and scanning his environment for the myriad signs of the life he spoke out as they continue their winding way through the streets.


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