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New pathfinder sheet

Checkbox is a special case in HTML (a damn stupid one) so ignore checkboxes for our purposes.

What's interesting is that the fact the total mod changed shows that the autocalc is being triggered, the fact ACP (I'm assuming it's still blank) didn't get a zero added.

As I was working on a live sheet I took careful note as to whether I ever needed to clear the cache for changes to the autocaloc code (I didn't). I'm wonderin if that's not linked to lazarus.

Turn off lazarus, clear your cache and try again.

Also, it may have gotten lost in the length of this thread but I'm still looking for another 2 or 3 volunteers to join the skype pathfinder room.

Weird, I disabled Lazarus, cleared cache (everything for today), and it worked.
Reloaded Lazarus, it still works.

I'm pretty experienced so far with Pathfinder... have only DMed once, about to start a new game with a lot of newbies, but I've played a good number of characters and own the majority of the books, and read them all cover-to-cover pretty much, so sign me up for assisting if you still need people.

Thank you so much, I was looking forward to this.

Firefox only:
ACP/CMD/CMB/Class skill Auto-updates would not work in Firefox until I unchecked "block pop-up windows" under content - weird.
Adding under exceptions & re-checking box allowed it to work.

CMD does not update when STR is changed or when BAB is changed in any of the boxes (only DEX/Size mod will update it).
CMB does not update when changing the BAB bonus in either ranged or melee.
Ranged/Melee does not update when changing the BAB bonus in CMB.
--If you change DEX, then it only changes the CMD/Ranged to include the correct BAB.
--If you change STR, then it only changes the CMB/Melee to include the correct BAB.
That said, if you can get it to update it comes to the correct number.

The size modifier to CMB is off by two categories. Small currently = -4, should be -1. Likewise Large currently = 4, should be 1.

Thanks guys! (Super-excited to see the ACP column... and it works! I LOVE IT.)

Thanks for this!

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