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Tactics and Strategies of the Dark Conquest

Tactics and Strategies of the Dark Conquest

So here's the idea. The forces of Darkness overwhelmed the free continent of Farland and slaughtered or subjugated all the free peoples that lived there for millenia except the elves and perhaps the halflings. So how did they do it. They must have drawn upon some impressive military strategies. I'm trying to imagine the depths of treachery, malice, and torture that must have taken place. So what about an article about this? What do y'all think?

edit: a Nazi tactic I read about is to march into a village/town and write down the name of 100 residents and post the list in a public area. Announce to the residents that if anything happens to the occupying soldiers, the top 12 on the list will be executed. Then execute the first 6 to show your committment.

a Nazi torture tactic I read about was to take a broomstick and place it behind the victim's knees and then bind the victim's feet to his or her thighs. Then do the same with his or her arms so that the victim is bent up as much as possible. Then the two ends of the broomstick are placed on the backs of two chairs. Two of the torturers sit on the chairs. Two others stand on either side of the victim and try to roll the broomstick to the other side of the chairs by kicking and hitting the victim. The torturer on the other side does the same, playing a sick game. Periodically one the torturers sitting on the chair stands up causing the broomstick to crash to the floor or even go flying if a timely kick is delivered. Gruesome, huh?

I was also wondering about a torturer prestige class. What do y'all think about that?

Torturer prestige class would be very cool.

How about if they require a tithe of the people in a town for a sacrifice -- 10%. And make the town figure out who it is. If they refuse, then the entire town will be destroyed.

That was a tactic Santa Anna used... Very nasty.

But --- I think there are 2 different things you are looking for.

#1 -- strategies and tactics, which would be very hard to describe. That is, unless we did a fiction story about it.

#2 -- Different methods of torture...

One comment is that we would definitely want to keep all of this PG -- not get into rape or anything too nasty or close to home...

Squeak's right-- it needs to be PG. But this is a great idea for an article.

One thing that greatly helped them in their conquest was the dark will. It motivated the dark troops and guided them. I will think on this and post more later.

I think this would be best in the form of a short story.

One overriding thing should be intimidation. Someone should make sure that these guys didn't flee from battle -- possibly firing on any troops that broke during combat.

Vile, but effective.

Ok, good suggestion, we'll keep this just to strategies and tactics then and keep the torture stuff for later.

Ab out the Santa Anna thing, so the conquerors would require 10% of the inhabitants for execution and make the townsfolk decide who? Di I understand correctly? That's terrible. I love it.

Yeah.. It really did happen in Texas. If you go to the Alamo, you can actually see the beans they used to decide, as well as letters the doomed men sent.

Scary stuff

Oooh, that's so evil, I'm getting goosebumps. You understand I'm only enjoying this so immensely because of all the depth it will bring to the game

edit: So now we have pick ten people that we will execute, pick from a jar of beans and the black beans represent death, what about dicing for death?

BTW I told my girlfriend about the one with the beans. She didn't think it was great. She got pissed off at me and left the room. Hmmm ... Probably 'cause she doesn't play D&D?

I could do the shortstory if needed. I need work that dosn't pay.

Val: Thats why you don't talk to your girlfriends about D&D. At least my brothers will occasionally play.

There is the chinese torture thing where they strap a person down and make it so that they cannot move and then drip beads of water onto their forehead making them snap their neck.

The nazi's also use to cut off peoples hands and feet and then stitch the feet to the wrists and the hands to the ankles or so I've heard. But still it would be pretty disgusting.

OOOOhhhh, lord anki, finally a fellow conspirator! I love it, I thought of the Chinese water torture thing, I say great, but we'll use it when we do the torture thing. I guess for this thread we'll stick to military strategies and battle tactics. There's enough for a whole thread by itself for torture, so keep both of those ideas in mind for later. BTW the second one could maybe be a twisted evil form of Regenerate! That would be a fun spell to twist. But that's for later.

I'm not sure that I completely agree with Squeak though. A short story might work well, but I think a list of special battle tactics in the form of a nonfiction article might also work. Maybe after a bunch more discussion we can both give it a shot and collaborate on both. I'd say we're firmly in the discussion part of the process at this point though. Happy to have you on board on this one oh lord!

Thanks for bringing this up, Val! This is a great subject to discuss, and can lead to some great opportunities for ongoing releases.

Do you think, perhaps, that we should break it into separate development threads, like so:
  1. Darkfolk conquest of Farland (Historical accounting)
  2. Darkfolk seige and warfare tactics (Nonfiction descriptions)
  3. Life under Darkfolk rule (Nonfiction descriptions)
  4. Plight of the conquered (Short Story)
  5. Means of subjugation (Rules, Laws, and Torture - nonfiction descriptions)

This'd be a huge release, but we could, of course, start working on it now.

Far - you still have the same plan for September (Stor-Gris) and October (Wawmar)?


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