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I managed to get a Headcrack on my first Hallucination. Pretty much played 1 Hallucination and followed up with the Headcrack every turn after that.

That said, no real reason to play again. :/

Doing fairly well with Murloc into Tyrion sort of between aggro and mid cost Paladin. (Just hit Rank 7.) Was having trouble finding 5 drops I like to go with Harrison (lot of Mages use Medievh for his 7,7 and staff as well as Paladin, Warrior, Rogue). Had Elize, but rarely ever got to her pack later. Was going to go with Frostwolf Warlord when saw it listed as one of the 5 Basics Regis Kilbin (sp) was surprised didn't get tried more. (5 cost 4,4 that is bigger for more minions you have out. Still could be pretty good in something like this.) But took one last look at 5s and decided to try Managerie Magician. 5 cost 4,4 that gives a Murloc, Beast, and Dragon +2,+2. It has been pretty good. 10 low cost Murloc in deck for targets and when it also hits Gentle Megasaur, lot o' value.

Got an Un'Goro Legendary from earned gold packs, had been quite a while ... Sunkeeper Tarim. After had Crafted him very recently. Oh well, good card - he's helping me in Ranked. Either buff my guys and/or soften theirs. I'll take the dust and use for my second Glyff (Mage). Not playing Mage, but that's a durn good Epic to have two of.

6 or 8 games later (after hitting 5) and I'm at start of Rank 5 with no stars. Ha. Going to try for legend since at 5 near half of season, but not legend or bust. I think 3 is my high so far from prior seasons. 2 or 1 would be strong

*At Rank 4. Not easy. Things get real streaky at times. Gonna keep with it, if things go well gives me a chance vs just about anything from Quest Rogue turn 5-7 dmg 'splosion to Aggro or Jade Druid, token / aggro Shaman, and Mage ... Mage. (Seeing less Mage of late.)


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