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Mordae's GM Rescue Society

So... our ST hasn't been seen in weeks and hasn't said a word to us in even longer, pushing two months now. Minnesota By Night still needs rescuing. We're all really into this game and none of us want to see it die. Anybody? Please?

Requesting ownership transfer of Minnesota By Night to me.

Thanks Mordae

Would anyone be interested in rescuing 2 players in a 3.5 edition Dark Sun game? Our DM had to drop several of his games due to work demands... The setup and premise are fantastic, and the two of us have managed to stick together and stay invested despite many setbacks. You couldn't ask for a more dedicated couple of players, and the Dark Sun setting is the best!

I'm interested, and have posted in the game's OOC forum.

I am rescuing the game Dark Sun Rising. If I could get ownership transferred I'd appreciate it. Thanks very much!


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