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Star Wars RPG Question

Originally Posted by Shambala View Post
Is there a difference in the FFG ones? I see three different starter kits and associated core rule books (Age of Rebellion, Edge of the Empire, The Force Awakens).
They all use the same basic ruleset, but have different focuses and themes.

Edge of the Empire focuses on smugglers, bounty hunters, etc. and the motivation mechanic is Obligation to various underworld figures, family, and so on.
Age of Rebellion focuses on the fight against the Empire with soldiers, spies, and diplomats, and the equivalent mechanic is Duty, the characters' primary objective (Intelligence, Personnel, Space Superiority, etc.).
Force and Destiny focuses on Force-sensitive characters in the age of the Empire trying to learn more about their abilities and the Force without drawing Imperial attention. The motivating mechanic there is Morality, balancing characters between the Light and Dark sides.

While the systems are the same and they are inter-compatible, I think it's best to mostly stick to one type of gameplay in order to keep the themes focused and coherent unless you have a really solid plan to integrate them.

Well, based on the feedback (and finding that we could do organized play here should the desire arise), I decided on the FFG system. Got all three core books and the Force Awakens starter kit. Should be here tomorrow. Thanks again, everyone!

30th anniversary is a reprint of the original West End Games d6 rules.
It is a great system. Darned near perfect. WEG's 2nd Ed rules are largely the same, with some clean-ups and improvements.
To me, it is the ideal Star Wars RPG.
IF you have a GM who is able to improvise. The game system requires fast and loose ability to adapt and adjust.
To me, that's fantastic. To others, maybe not so much.

My Thrawn Trilogy novels and WEG sourcebooks are all signed by Timothy Zahn.
He was surprised to see them presented. :-)


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