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Local multiplayer for PC

For something quick and very silly that doesn't even need split screen or even multiple controllers, there's always DIVE KICK! The entertainment value isn't likely to be long, but for a few bucks off Steam and some easy laughs (because it's the simplest fighting game ever - only two buttons!)

That said, with a quick Google search, this article came up. Many of these games I would not have thought about as couch-coop or split screen types.

I've been playing Overcooked 2 with my siblings and it's been a BLAST! It's fun, silly and chaotic with enough of a goal to have something to aim for (if you like to tryhard) or just goof around. I can't recommend it enough.

EDIT: Fixed link.

So far, I'm eyeballing the following on top of what I originally posted:

Castle Crashers
Streets of Rogue
A Hat in Time
Hyper Light Drifter
Stardew Valley (needs mods, apparently, but the reviews are solid)
Divinity: Original Sin 2
Overcooked 2
Ultimate Chicken Horse
Duck Game

Thanks for the recommendations, keep 'em coming!

Towerfall is one of my favorites. You might also like Battleblock Theater for Co-op platforming. I also enjoy Nine Parchments and it's rampant friendly fire that makes teamwork feel more rewarding.

D:OS2 is an excellent game, as is the first. The second game is more bleak and "mature" in theme, the first is a little lighter. Both are worth playing, and the order you play them in isn't important.

Also here to second Towerfall, Battleblock and Castle Crashers. Diablo 3 makes excellent couch co-op but I think that feature is console only.


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