One Piece GM

A little sad that minks don't have any rules yet.

Kinda wanted to play a musician sharpshooter who just happens to be a fox mink.

But will have to think up some other concepts. May just go for a monk-like character. Maybe a navigator or something.

I imagine It wouldn't be too hard to set up some stats for them; increased movement, +phys/-ment stat array and a list of animal-centric related powers that the player picks from depending on what animal they resemble.

Reminder to those that are thinking of applying for the future of the game, I do not tolerate legitimate attempts at mutiny. We currently have the following confirmed for crew members:
Warrior/Peace Main Pirate (Captain)
Specialist/Navigator using a heat based Spear-Lance
We'll be needed at least a Chef, Doctor, and Shipwright soon but we will be filling up every Career slot eventually and there is still a chance other careers will be accepted first.


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