Great Barons of Kelerak

Great Barons of Kelerak

Master of East-of-Sky, Warden of the Middle Wood, Beloved of Bestra, Fisher's King

Since his reinstatement as Baron of East-of-Sky, Oliver Goldcrown has developed a reputation for being, in charitable terms, a bull-headed, mulish, intractable, unrelentingly tenacious fool. Many suspect it was only through this that he survived the horrors of being a prisoner of George Danube, though none are so foolish as to question him about that time. When he sets his mind to something, Oliver is harder to move than a mountain.

This has proven to be something of a problem for Felix ack-Heathcliff, high priest of Kantor, for Oliver has set his mind on highly reactionary and conservative policies that Felix believes work well only on curtailing expansion of East-of-Sky. The utmost subtlety is thus required for him to mitigate these negative policies, for he is opposed by Jacob ack-Simore, a wizard of no small power who serves Oliver wholly and unquestioningly, having once been a prisoner of George Danube himself.

In the wider political world, Oliver is closely allied to Baron Gregory Danube, son of the old Baron Gregory, who he reinstated to the family's rightful holdings in Jacob's Rock. Both having lost their father and position to the treachery of George Danube, the pair are said to have pledged themselves to eternal loyalty and brotherhood. He is staunchly opposed to either of Lords Felmund or Starsul having control of Wyvernia, citing lack of heritage.


Duke of the Eaglesreach, The Silver Duke, Gatekeeper to Anaria, Loather of Pumpernickel

Now approaching his seventieth year, Duke Marius Stephan Johann-Claude Sonnesberg XII has almost retreated fully into his estate, greatly slowed by age and exhausted by the infighting of his peers. He emerges now only to participate in the mass prayers held at Bestra's reconsecrated temple in Eagle Grove, poorly disguised as a pilgrim dressed entirely in silver robes. Not fooled in the slightest, his people look to their Silver Duke as a good master, the genial nature of his lunacy endearing him to them over the conniving, savage ruthlessness of the barons.

Marius Sonnesberg is on relatively neutral terms with the the majority of the nobility. Most are content to wait until he dies to claim his heir-less holdings, though some of the more impatient look on his young wife with concern and lust both. However, Lord Russel Starsul of Green City has nothing but uttermost hatred of him, for the most consistent aspect of Marius' madness has been the belittling and disrespect of him for the last decade. Interestingly, Lord Starsul has not issued any challenge, leading some to speculate he still fears the memory of Marius in his prime.


Lord of Wyvernia, Herald of the Spur, The Son of Moonlight, Dragonslayer

As something of a folk hero, Damion Felmund was a natural choice to replace the corrupt Lord Drake Rose as the baron of Wyvernia. His deeds both during and after the Dark Occupation made his name famous throughout the lands, though most of the tales told, or his involvement in them, were greatly exaggerated by the bards. However, his reputation as a dragonslayer was never disputed, for it was the only event he refused to discuss, save for during his annual remembrance to his late brother Zachary.

Damion is currently attempting to rectify the many grievances caused by Lord Rose's dereliction of duty, but is actively hindered by his only serious rival, the Baron Russel Starsul, who openly admits to coveting Wyvernia and decries Damion as little more than a sword-for-hire far above his station. A more lasting concern, however, is the need to have nearly all decisions vetted by the Archbishop of Kantor, Hector ack-Thelmund, perhaps the most politically powerful individual not himself a noble and a truly impossible busybody.

In the long term, Damion Felmund hopes to see the barons and lords unified in loyalty to the Green Throne, even if he himself does not sit upon it. He is one of the very few who made the journey to Dragonspur for the express purpose of swearing fealty to Lord Naglor Osbern, who Damion views as perhaps the only man capable of returning Kelerak to its former glory.


Baron of the Greensreach, Flamgart's Passion, Purifier of Sin

Russel Starsul desires the Green Throne, even holding his head high before Lord Naglor Osbern and making this admission to the man's face, triumphantly declaring himself the most honest of Kelerak's nobles for not lying about his intentions. Having whetted his tongue like a blade in Green City, walking secretly among the pilgrims and priests, Russel is a master orator with a true gift for capturing the imagination of his listeners.

He has a singular rivalry with Damion Felmund, the Baron of Wyvernia, for it is that position that Russel seeks to obtain next on his path to the Green Throne. This impersonal competition, however, is wholly eclipsed by the apoplectic rage that consumes him where Duke Marius of the Eaglesreach is concerned. The only occasion at which both were in the same room was also notable for being the moment when Russel Starsul's speechcraft was replaced with wrathful, unintelligible nonsense.


The Eternal Baron, Lord of Dessingrove, Patron of the Eldest Hame, Timesbane King

Although a deathless lord, Harald Thodricsson is a far cry from the typical fiendish villain who sought eternal life. Centuries of martyrdom in service to the Elksreach have forged the fragile web of his mortal ambitions and prejudices into an impregnable lattice of morality. On being granted the barony of Elksreach in 6890 FR, he proceeded to make it one of the most peaceful and law-abiding regions in all the western lands, to thunderous acclaim of his people.

It is a great shame then, that this hero is a prisoner in his own land. The necromancer Jaef of Kale, hidden power behind its throne, had begun orchestrating an invasion of Kelerak in 7470 FR. Knowing Harald to be his first and greatest obstacle, Jaef used all of his art to create a necrotic poison that would cripple, but not kill, the Eternal Baron. Harald fell into a coma, wracked with agonies that kept him just barely alive and, crucially, unable to defy Jaef.

Fortunately for Kelerak, internal troubles kept Jaef occupied for the next twenty years, until he was briefly slain by the Band of Five. However, upon his return and establishment in Dessingrove, the renamed Ajef the Black made it a gleeful priority to take the comatose Harald Thodricsson and mount him above his throne, as a gruesome reminder of the power the necromancer wields, even over other immortals.

That's awesome. I love details like this. This will be published in an update.

Obviously there are many things I can expand upon, change around somewhat, etc etc, so let me know what needs adjusting.

when i get to prepping for the update, I will do that. Looks like you poked around the site to find relevant historical details relating to the rpe-established ones, right?

Took me a few drafts to get everything sorted, yes.

Incidentally, there was some confusion over how to spell Yedus Anglarond, or rather, his surname. Even on his own page it has several different spellings, including "Anglaround" and "Angrond". I picked one randomly for his mention in Oliver's backstory.

Haha figures. I will sort that out. I believe it is Anglarond.

Memo to me: when reviewing some of my material for stylistic errors or possible corrections for clarity etc? Don't get sidetracked by looking up the actual arguments in favour of either side. I just spent thirty-seven minutes developing a headache with the debate on split infinitives...and that was before I had even finished the Goldcrown portion! The bastard can "to personally lead" all he wants now.

Anyway, I've made a few notes for myself and will look at getting them integrated when I am happier with the flow. Which will probably after Monday, since there's only so much time I have outside of work employment to work on some of the smaller stuff. It doesn't seem fair that this takes longer than the major pieces.

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