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Myth Weavers' Milestones

Congratulations, Monk! It's a wild, sleepless, snuggly ride. Enjoy!

Here's a milestone for you: My Jade Regent group just started the boss fight for module three of that AP. It's a group of five ninth-level PCs vs a CR 13 encounter.

To add to the fun, up until this module we'd been playing with hero points but the players actually asked to have them taken away, so a TPK could be in the works (though I hope not, it's a fun game.)

The group consists of a half-orc barbarian/fighter, a human ranger/ninja, a human white-haired witch/monk, a half-elf druid, and an elf sorcerer. They're guarding a caravan full of NPCs.

Four of the five PCs started out at first level based on 20-point builds. The fifth PC came in mid-game at eighth level with modest starting equipment. They are armed and protected only by things they've found in-game, so these are real characters, not the hypothetical types you hear about in gaming forum debates about balance, character effectiveness, etc.

Obviously, Jade Regent spoilers abound.

Kind of weird to just give a link to an in-progress game, I know, but I wish more GMs did this. I think it's interesting to see how different classes and groups do in actual game situations.

Interesting Fact: It has taken more than four years IRL time for these guys to get to this point in the adventure.

That's awesome Cailano. I know you've worked very hard to have consistency in your games and it's paid off. Good luck storming the next castle.

I'll be posting here to either celebrate the victory over the yeti fight Cai linked above or to lament the loss of my longest-running PbP PC ever. Either way, it's a milestone


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