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for Pathfinder Path of War. When it comes to selecting maneuvers and initiator level i get confused. For multiclassing, if I take a second initiator class at 2nd level do I select maneuvers and stances as if gaining 1st level initiator in that class (i.e. 3 known/ready maneuvers and 1 stance). on top of the ones I already know from previous class?
Yes, but you have to keep track of the the maneuvers known/readied separately, and you can never learn (or ready) the same maneuver more than once at a time. Also, the recovery method for one class only applies to maneuvers learned by that class.

Your initiator level for any given class is (levels of that class) + ((all other levels)/2). So if you're a Warder 6/Stalker 4/Fighter 2, your initiator level for Warder is 9 (6 + (4+2)/2), and for Stalker it's 8 (4 + (6+2)/2).