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What's that Movie!?

Early 2000's is right, but it's less "green filter" and more "odd background color/lighting and only a 7,000 USD budget. Yes, that's seven thousand for arguably one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever.

Oh, it was that time travel one. The one they were hyping because it did causality well and got really complicated. If I squint hard enough maybe the name will come to me...

Oh man, I liked this movie! What's it called, what's it called...

*resist urge to Google for clarification*

Screw it. I'm going to guess: Primal? It's something like that, I'm sure of it, but that name doesn't sound quite right to me.

Thanks Raistlinmc, you reminded me what movie this is. I remember it now, shoot, you and Penchant gave it away. Primer!


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